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const (
	// SampleInsecureProfile references the sample profile which does not include any MSPs and uses solo for ordering.
	SampleInsecureProfile = "SampleInsecureSolo"
	// SampleSingleMSPSoloProfile references the sample profile which includes only the sample MSP and uses solo for ordering.
	SampleSingleMSPSoloProfile = "SampleSingleMSPSolo"
	// SampleSingleMSPChannelProfile references the sample profile which includes only the sample MSP and is used to create a channel
	SampleSingleMSPChannelProfile = "SampleSingleMSPChannel"

	// SampleConsortiumName is the sample consortium from the sample configtx.yaml
	SampleConsortiumName = "SampleConsortium"
	// SampleOrgName is the name of the sample org in the sample profiles
	SampleOrgName = "SampleOrg"

	// AdminRoleAdminPrincipal is set as AdminRole to cause the MSP role of type Admin to be used as the admin principal default
	AdminRoleAdminPrincipal = "Role.ADMIN"
	// MemberRoleAdminPrincipal is set as AdminRole to cause the MSP role of type Member to be used as the admin principal default
	MemberRoleAdminPrincipal = "Role.MEMBER"
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const (

	// Prefix identifies the prefix for the configtxgen-related ENV vars.
	Prefix string = "CONFIGTX"


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type AnchorPeer

type AnchorPeer struct {
	Host string `yaml:"Host"`
	Port int    `yaml:"Port"`

AnchorPeer encodes the necessary fields to identify an anchor peer.

type Application

type Application struct {
	Organizations []*Organization `yaml:"Organizations"`

Application encodes the application-level configuration needed in config transactions.

type ApplicationOrganization

type ApplicationOrganization struct {
	Organization `yaml:"Organization"`

ApplicationOrganization ... TODO This should probably be removed

type BatchSize

type BatchSize struct {
	MaxMessageCount   uint32 `yaml:"MaxMessageSize"`
	AbsoluteMaxBytes  uint32 `yaml:"AbsoluteMaxBytes"`
	PreferredMaxBytes uint32 `yaml:"PreferredMaxBytes"`

BatchSize contains configuration affecting the size of batches.

type Consortium

type Consortium struct {
	Organizations []*Organization `yaml:"Organizations"`

Consortium represents a group of organizations which may create channels with eachother

type Kafka

type Kafka struct {
	Brokers []string `yaml:"Brokers"`

Kafka contains configuration for the Kafka-based orderer.

type Orderer

type Orderer struct {
	OrdererType   string          `yaml:"OrdererType"`
	Addresses     []string        `yaml:"Addresses"`
	BatchTimeout  time.Duration   `yaml:"BatchTimeout"`
	BatchSize     BatchSize       `yaml:"BatchSize"`
	Kafka         Kafka           `yaml:"Kafka"`
	Organizations []*Organization `yaml:"Organizations"`
	MaxChannels   uint64          `yaml:"MaxChannels"`

Orderer contains configuration which is used for the bootstrapping of an orderer by the provisional bootstrapper.

type Organization

type Organization struct {
	Name           string `yaml:"Name"`
	ID             string `yaml:"ID"`
	MSPDir         string `yaml:"MSPDir"`
	AdminPrincipal string `yaml:"AdminPrincipal"`

	// Note: Viper deserialization does not seem to care for
	// embedding of types, so we use one organization struct
	// for both orderers and applications.
	AnchorPeers []*AnchorPeer `yaml:"AnchorPeers"`

Organization encodes the organization-level configuration needed in config transactions.

type Profile

type Profile struct {
	Consortium  string                 `yaml:"Consortium"`
	Application *Application           `yaml:"Application"`
	Orderer     *Orderer               `yaml:"Orderer"`
	Consortiums map[string]*Consortium `yaml:"Consortiums"`

Profile encodes orderer/application configuration combinations for the configtxgen tool.

func Load

func Load(profile string) *Profile

Load returns the orderer/application config combination that corresponds to a given profile.

type TopLevel

type TopLevel struct {
	Profiles      map[string]*Profile `yaml:"Profiles"`
	Organizations []*Organization     `yaml:"Organizations"`
	Application   *Application        `yaml:"Application"`
	Orderer       *Orderer            `yaml:"Orderer"`

TopLevel consists of the structs used by the configtxgen tool.

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