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Copyright IBM Corp. 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.



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const (
	// SoftwareBasedFactoryName is the name of the factory of the software-based BCCSP implementation
	SoftwareBasedFactoryName = "SW"


This section is empty.


func GetBCCSPFromOpts

func GetBCCSPFromOpts(config *FactoryOpts) (bccsp.BCCSP, error)

GetBCCSPFromOpts returns a BCCSP created according to the options passed in input.

func GetDefault

func GetDefault() bccsp.BCCSP

GetDefault returns a non-ephemeral (long-term) BCCSP

func InitFactories

func InitFactories(config *FactoryOpts) error

InitFactories must be called before using factory interfaces It is acceptable to call with config = nil, in which case some defaults will get used Error is returned only if defaultBCCSP cannot be found


type BCCSPFactory

type BCCSPFactory interface {

	// Name returns the name of this factory
	Name() string

	// Get returns an instance of BCCSP using opts.
	Get(opts *FactoryOpts) (bccsp.BCCSP, error)

BCCSPFactory is used to get instances of the BCCSP interface. A Factory has name used to address it.

type DummyKeystoreOpts

type DummyKeystoreOpts struct{}

type FactoryOpts

type FactoryOpts struct {
	ProviderName string  `mapstructure:"default" json:"default" yaml:"Default"`
	SwOpts       *SwOpts `mapstructure:"SW,omitempty" json:"SW,omitempty" yaml:"SwOpts"`

FactoryOpts holds configuration information used to initialize factory implementations

func GetDefaultOpts

func GetDefaultOpts() *FactoryOpts

GetDefaultOpts offers a default implementation for Opts returns a new instance every time

func (*FactoryOpts) FactoryName

func (o *FactoryOpts) FactoryName() string

FactoryName returns the name of the provider

type FileKeystoreOpts

type FileKeystoreOpts struct {
	KeyStorePath string `mapstructure:"keystore" yaml:"KeyStore"`

Pluggable Keystores, could add JKS, P12, etc..

type InmemKeystoreOpts added in v1.4.0

type InmemKeystoreOpts struct{}

InmemKeystoreOpts - empty, as there is no config for the in-memory keystore

type SWFactory

type SWFactory struct{}

SWFactory is the factory of the software-based BCCSP.

func (*SWFactory) Get

func (f *SWFactory) Get(config *FactoryOpts) (bccsp.BCCSP, error)

Get returns an instance of BCCSP using Opts.

func (*SWFactory) Name

func (f *SWFactory) Name() string

Name returns the name of this factory

type SwOpts

type SwOpts struct {
	// Default algorithms when not specified (Deprecated?)
	SecLevel   int    `mapstructure:"security" json:"security" yaml:"Security"`
	HashFamily string `mapstructure:"hash" json:"hash" yaml:"Hash"`

	// Keystore Options
	Ephemeral     bool               `mapstructure:"tempkeys,omitempty" json:"tempkeys,omitempty"`
	FileKeystore  *FileKeystoreOpts  `mapstructure:"filekeystore,omitempty" json:"filekeystore,omitempty" yaml:"FileKeyStore"`
	DummyKeystore *DummyKeystoreOpts `mapstructure:"dummykeystore,omitempty" json:"dummykeystore,omitempty"`
	InmemKeystore *InmemKeystoreOpts `mapstructure:"inmemkeystore,omitempty" json:"inmemkeystore,omitempty"`

SwOpts contains options for the SWFactory

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