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Published: Jun 1, 2020 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 5 Imported by: 954




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const (
	IndexableAttrBlockNum        = IndexableAttr("BlockNum")
	IndexableAttrBlockHash       = IndexableAttr("BlockHash")
	IndexableAttrTxID            = IndexableAttr("TxID")
	IndexableAttrBlockNumTranNum = IndexableAttr("BlockNumTranNum")

constants for indexable attributes


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var (
	// ErrNotFoundInIndex is used to indicate missing entry in the index
	ErrNotFoundInIndex = l.NotFoundInIndexErr("")

	// ErrAttrNotIndexed is used to indicate that an attribute is not indexed
	ErrAttrNotIndexed = errors.New("attribute not indexed")


This section is empty.


type BlockStore

type BlockStore interface {
	AddBlock(block *common.Block) error
	GetBlockchainInfo() (*common.BlockchainInfo, error)
	RetrieveBlocks(startNum uint64) (ledger.ResultsIterator, error)
	RetrieveBlockByHash(blockHash []byte) (*common.Block, error)
	RetrieveBlockByNumber(blockNum uint64) (*common.Block, error) // blockNum of  math.MaxUint64 will return last block
	RetrieveTxByID(txID string) (*common.Envelope, error)
	RetrieveTxByBlockNumTranNum(blockNum uint64, tranNum uint64) (*common.Envelope, error)
	RetrieveBlockByTxID(txID string) (*common.Block, error)
	RetrieveTxValidationCodeByTxID(txID string) (peer.TxValidationCode, error)

BlockStore - an interface for persisting and retrieving blocks An implementation of this interface is expected to take an argument of type `IndexConfig` which configures the block store on what items should be indexed

type BlockStoreProvider

type BlockStoreProvider interface {
	CreateBlockStore(ledgerid string) (BlockStore, error)
	OpenBlockStore(ledgerid string) (BlockStore, error)
	Exists(ledgerid string) (bool, error)
	List() ([]string, error)

BlockStoreProvider provides an handle to a BlockStore

type IndexConfig

type IndexConfig struct {
	AttrsToIndex []IndexableAttr

IndexConfig - a configuration that includes a list of attributes that should be indexed

func (*IndexConfig) Contains

func (c *IndexConfig) Contains(indexableAttr IndexableAttr) bool

Contains returns true iff the supplied parameter is present in the IndexConfig.AttrsToIndex

type IndexableAttr

type IndexableAttr string

IndexableAttr represents an indexable attribute


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