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type Factory added in v1.4.9

type Factory interface {
	New(*snow.Context) (interface{}, error)

A Factory creates new instances of a VM

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	// Returns a factory that can create new instances of the VM
	// with the given ID
	GetFactory(ids.ID) (Factory, error)

	// Associate an ID with the factory that creates new instances
	// of the VM with the given ID
	RegisterFactory(ids.ID, Factory) error

	// Given an alias, return the ID of the VM associated with that alias
	Lookup(string) (ids.ID, error)

	// Return the aliases associated with a VM
	Aliases(ids.ID) []string

	// Give an alias to a VM
	Alias(ids.ID, string) error

Manager is a VM manager. It has the following functionality:

  1) Register a VM factory. To register a VM is to associate its ID with a
		 VMFactory which, when New() is called upon it, creates a new instance of that VM.
	 2) Get a VM factory. Given the ID of a VM that has been
     registered, return the factory that the ID is associated with.
  3) Associate a VM with an alias
  4) Get the ID of the VM by the VM's alias
  5) Get the aliases of a VM

func NewManager

func NewManager(apiServer *server.Server, log logging.Logger) Manager

NewManager returns an instance of a VM manager

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