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type AdminAPIController

type AdminAPIController struct {
var AdminAPI AdminAPIController

func (AdminAPIController) AcceptText

func (uc AdminAPIController) AcceptText(c echo.Context) error

func (AdminAPIController) GetLevels

func (uc AdminAPIController) GetLevels(c echo.Context) error

func (AdminAPIController) GetText

func (uc AdminAPIController) GetText(c echo.Context) error

func (AdminAPIController) GetTexts

func (uc AdminAPIController) GetTexts(c echo.Context) error

func (AdminAPIController) GetUsers

func (uc AdminAPIController) GetUsers(c echo.Context) error

func (AdminAPIController) RejectText

func (uc AdminAPIController) RejectText(c echo.Context) error

func (AdminAPIController) SaveText

func (uc AdminAPIController) SaveText(c echo.Context) error

func (AdminAPIController) UpdateTableField

func (uc AdminAPIController) UpdateTableField(c echo.Context) error

type AffiliatesAPIController

type AffiliatesAPIController struct {
var AffiliatesAPI AffiliatesAPIController

func (*AffiliatesAPIController) GetAmazonProductForText

func (gc *AffiliatesAPIController) GetAmazonProductForText(c echo.Context) error

type AuthenticationAPIController

type AuthenticationAPIController struct {
var AuthenticationAPI AuthenticationAPIController

func (AuthenticationAPIController) HandleLogin

func (ac AuthenticationAPIController) HandleLogin(c echo.Context) error

func (AuthenticationAPIController) HandleLogout

func (ac AuthenticationAPIController) HandleLogout(c echo.Context) error

func (AuthenticationAPIController) HandlePasswordForgot

func (ac AuthenticationAPIController) HandlePasswordForgot(c echo.Context) error

func (AuthenticationAPIController) HandlePasswordReset

func (ac AuthenticationAPIController) HandlePasswordReset(c echo.Context) error

func (*AuthenticationAPIController) HandleSignup

func (ac *AuthenticationAPIController) HandleSignup(c echo.Context) error

type AuthenticationController

type AuthenticationController struct {
var Authentication AuthenticationController

func (AuthenticationController) HandleActivate

func (ac AuthenticationController) HandleActivate(c echo.Context) error

func (AuthenticationController) HandleEmailChangeToken

func (ac AuthenticationController) HandleEmailChangeToken(c echo.Context) error

func (AuthenticationController) HandleLogout

func (ac AuthenticationController) HandleLogout(c echo.Context) error

func (AuthenticationController) HandleValidatePasswordToken

func (ac AuthenticationController) HandleValidatePasswordToken(c echo.Context) error

type CommentsAPIController

type CommentsAPIController struct{}
var CommentsAPI CommentsAPIController

func (CommentsAPIController) AddComment

func (cc CommentsAPIController) AddComment(c echo.Context) error

Saves a comment into the database

func (CommentsAPIController) GetComments

func (cc CommentsAPIController) GetComments(c echo.Context) error

Returns comments for a given channel ID Usage: /api/comments/[id]

type GameAPIController

type GameAPIController struct {
var GameAPI GameAPIController

func (*GameAPIController) FetchResultboard

func (gc *GameAPIController) FetchResultboard(c echo.Context) error

func (*GameAPIController) GetChartData

func (ac *GameAPIController) GetChartData(c echo.Context) error

func (*GameAPIController) GetChartsData

func (ac *GameAPIController) GetChartsData(c echo.Context) error

func (*GameAPIController) GetGlobalFeed

func (gc *GameAPIController) GetGlobalFeed(c echo.Context) error

func (*GameAPIController) GetLanguages

func (gc *GameAPIController) GetLanguages(c echo.Context) error

func (*GameAPIController) GetPlaybackData

func (gc *GameAPIController) GetPlaybackData(c echo.Context) error

func (*GameAPIController) GetResultsData

func (gc *GameAPIController) GetResultsData(c echo.Context) error

func (*GameAPIController) SaveResult

func (ac *GameAPIController) SaveResult(c echo.Context) error

type InternalAPIController

type InternalAPIController struct{}
var InternalAPI InternalAPIController

func (InternalAPIController) DoNotTrackMeAction

func (cc InternalAPIController) DoNotTrackMeAction(c echo.Context) error

type UserAPIController

type UserAPIController struct {
var UserAPI UserAPIController

func (UserAPIController) FetchUserboard

func (uc UserAPIController) FetchUserboard(c echo.Context) error

func (UserAPIController) FollowUser

func (uc UserAPIController) FollowUser(c echo.Context) error

func (UserAPIController) GetUserActivityFeed

func (uc UserAPIController) GetUserActivityFeed(c echo.Context) error

func (UserAPIController) GetUserFollow

func (uc UserAPIController) GetUserFollow(c echo.Context) error

Retrieves user followers and following users

func (UserAPIController) GetUserGameResults

func (uc UserAPIController) GetUserGameResults(c echo.Context) error

func (UserAPIController) GetUserProfileData

func (uc UserAPIController) GetUserProfileData(c echo.Context) error

Retrieves user's profile data

func (UserAPIController) GetUserStats

func (uc UserAPIController) GetUserStats(c echo.Context) error

func (UserAPIController) HandleUserSearch

func (uc UserAPIController) HandleUserSearch(c echo.Context) error
func (uc UserAPIController) ResendActivationLink(c echo.Context) error

Crates an activate token and sends an e-mail with a link to confirm users account

func (UserAPIController) SubmitText

func (uc UserAPIController) SubmitText(c echo.Context) error

func (UserAPIController) UnfollowUser

func (uc UserAPIController) UnfollowUser(c echo.Context) error

func (UserAPIController) UpdateAccountInformation

func (uc UserAPIController) UpdateAccountInformation(c echo.Context) error

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