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type Communicator

type Communicator struct{}

func (*Communicator) Download

func (c *Communicator) Download(string, io.Writer) error

func (*Communicator) DownloadDir

func (c *Communicator) DownloadDir(src string, dst string, exclude []string) error

func (*Communicator) Start

func (c *Communicator) Start(cmd *packer.RemoteCmd) error

func (*Communicator) Upload

func (c *Communicator) Upload(string, io.Reader, *os.FileInfo) error

func (*Communicator) UploadDir

func (c *Communicator) UploadDir(string, string, []string) error

type Config

type Config struct {
	common.PackerConfig `mapstructure:",squash"`

	// An inline script to execute. Multiple strings are all executed
	// in the context of a single shell.
	Inline []string

	// The shebang value used when running inline scripts.
	InlineShebang string `mapstructure:"inline_shebang"`

	// The local path of the shell script to upload and execute.
	Script string

	// An array of multiple scripts to run.
	Scripts []string

	// An array of environment variables that will be injected before
	// your command(s) are executed.
	Vars []string `mapstructure:"environment_vars"`

	// The command used to execute the script. The '{{ .Path }}' variable
	// should be used to specify where the script goes, {{ .Vars }}
	// can be used to inject the environment_vars into the environment.
	ExecuteCommand string `mapstructure:"execute_command"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type ExecuteCommandTemplate

type ExecuteCommandTemplate struct {
	Vars string
	Path string

type PostProcessor

type PostProcessor struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*PostProcessor) Configure

func (p *PostProcessor) Configure(raws ...interface{}) error

func (*PostProcessor) PostProcess

func (p *PostProcessor) PostProcess(ui packer.Ui, artifact packer.Artifact) (packer.Artifact, bool, error)

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