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Secrets as Environment Variables

This sample shows how create and inject a secret into an application as a set of environment variables. A Secret is a set of key/value pairs, similar to ConfigMaps, except secret data is protected/encrypted at rest. Which makes them a great choice for private data such as credentials or passwords.

The "key" of the secret will become the "name" of the environment variable and the corresponding "value" in the secret will be the "value" of that environment variable.

The application will log (print to stdout) all of its environment variables.

Note: the same basic logic will work for Batch Jobs as well.

As noted in the main README, this sample has two pieces:

  • a build script which will build the container image(s) used
  • a run script which deploys resources that use those images

The main purpose of this example is the run script, but the build script is included for complete educational (and reuse) purposes.


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