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const (
	// ErrCodeNormal indicates a normal non-error situation
	ErrCodeNormal = "000"

	// ErrCodeInsufficientResources indicates a scheduling error due to resource constraints
	ErrCodeInsufficientResources = "S100"
	// ErrCodeFailedDeploy indicates a general deployment error
	ErrCodeFailedDeploy = "S101"
	// ErrCodeFailedPS ...
	ErrCodeFailedPS = "S102"
	// ErrCodeImagePull indicates an image pull error
	ErrCodeImagePull = "S103"
	// ErrFailedPodReasonUnknown indicates an unknown pod error
	ErrFailedPodReasonUnknown = "S104"
	// ErrCodeK8SConnection indicates a kubernetes connection error
	ErrCodeK8SConnection = "S200"
	// ErrCodeEtcdConnection indicates a etcd connection error
	ErrCodeEtcdConnection = "S201"
	// ErrCodeFailEnqueue indicates an error while adding the job to the queue in mongo
	ErrCodeFailEnqueue = "S210"
	// ErrCodeFailDequeue indicates an error where a job was incorrectly dequeued
	ErrCodeFailDequeue = "S211"
	// ErrCodeFailLoadModel indicates an error while loading the model code
	ErrCodeFailLoadModel = "S301"
	// ErrCodeFailLoadData indicates an error while loading the training data
	ErrCodeFailLoadData = "S302"
	// ErrCodeFailStoreResults indicates an error while storing the trained model and logs
	ErrCodeFailStoreResults = "S303"
	// ErrCodeFailStoreResultsOnFail indicates an error while storing the logs on job error
	ErrCodeFailStoreResultsOnFail = "S304"
	// ErrCodeFailStoreResultsOnHalt indicates an error while storing the logs on job halt
	ErrCodeFailStoreResultsOnHalt = "S305"

	// ErrInvalidManifestFile indicates an invalid manifest file
	ErrInvalidManifestFile = "C101"
	// ErrInvalidZipFile indicates an invalid ZIP file
	ErrInvalidZipFile = "C102"
	// ErrInvalidCredentials indicates an invalid set of credentials
	ErrInvalidCredentials = "C103"
	// ErrInvalidResourceSpecs indicates invalid resouce specifications
	ErrInvalidResourceSpecs = "C104"
	// ErrLearnerProcessCrash indicates a crash of the process in the learner container
	ErrLearnerProcessCrash = "C201"
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const (

	// TrainerV2LocalAddress exposes the local address that is used if we run with DNS disabled
	TrainerV2LocalAddress = ":30005"


This section is empty.


func CurrentTimestampAsString

func CurrentTimestampAsString() string

CurrentTimestampAsString returns the current time as milliseconds since the Unix epoch (e.g., "1519135679722")


type JobStatusClient

type JobStatusClient interface {

JobStatusClient is a client interface for updating the status of training jobs

func NewTrainerClient

func NewTrainerClient() JobStatusClient

NewTrainerClient ...

type TrainerClient

type TrainerClient interface {
	Client() grpc_trainer_v2.TrainerClient
	Close() error

TrainerClient is a client interface for interacting with the trainer service.

func NewTrainer

func NewTrainer() (TrainerClient, error)

NewTrainer create a new load-balanced client to talk to the Trainer service. If the dns_server config option is set to 'disabled', it will default to the pre-defined LocalPort of the service.

func NewTrainerWithAddress

func NewTrainerWithAddress(addr string) (TrainerClient, error)

NewTrainerWithAddress create a new load-balanced client to talk to the Trainer service. If the dns_server config option is set to 'disabled', it will default to the pre-defined LocalPort of the service.

type TrainingStatusUpdate

type TrainingStatusUpdate struct {
	Status        grpc_trainer_v2.Status
	Timestamp     string
	ErrorCode     string
	StatusMessage string

TrainingStatusUpdate captures the details for training status update events

func GetStatus

func GetStatus(value string, logr *logger.LocLoggingEntry) *TrainingStatusUpdate

GetStatus converts between a string and proper DLaaS type of job status updates. The value parameter is either a status string (e.g., "PROCESSING"), or a JSON string with status and error details, e.g., '{"status":"FAILED","exit_code":"51","status_message":"Error opening ZIP file"}'

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