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HAProxy Input Plugin

The HAProxy input plugin gathers statistics using the stats socket or HTTP statistics page of a HAProxy server.

# Read metrics of HAProxy, via socket or HTTP stats page
  ## An array of address to gather stats about. Specify an ip on hostname
  ## with optional port. ie localhost,, etc.
  ## Make sure you specify the complete path to the stats endpoint
  ## including the protocol, ie

  ## Credentials for basic HTTP authentication
  # username = "admin"
  # password = "admin"

  ## If no servers are specified, then default to
  servers = ["http://myhaproxy.com:1936/haproxy?stats"]

  ## You can also use local socket with standard wildcard globbing.
  ## Server address not starting with 'http' will be treated as a possible
  ## socket, so both examples below are valid.
  # servers = ["socket:/run/haproxy/admin.sock", "/run/haproxy/*.sock"]

  ## By default, some of the fields are renamed from what haproxy calls them.
  ## Setting this option to true results in the plugin keeping the original
  ## field names.
  # keep_field_names = false

  ## Optional TLS Config
  # tls_ca = "/etc/telegraf/ca.pem"
  # tls_cert = "/etc/telegraf/cert.pem"
  # tls_key = "/etc/telegraf/key.pem"
  ## Use TLS but skip chain & host verification
  # insecure_skip_verify = false
HAProxy Configuration

The following information may be useful when getting started, but please consult the HAProxy documentation for complete and up to date instructions.

The stats enable option can be used to add unauthenticated access over HTTP using the default settings. To enable the unix socket begin by reading about the stats socket option.


Server addresses must explicitly start with 'http' if you wish to use HAProxy status page. Otherwise, addresses will be assumed to be an UNIX socket and any protocol (if present) will be discarded.

When using socket names, wildcard expansion is supported so plugin can gather stats from multiple sockets at once.

To use HTTP Basic Auth add the username and password in the userinfo section of the URL: http://user:password@ The credentials are sent via the Authorization header and not using the request URL.


By default, some of the fields are renamed from what haproxy calls them. Setting the keep_field_names parameter to true will result in the plugin keeping the original field names.

The following renames are made:

  • pxname -> proxy
  • svname -> sv
  • act -> active_servers
  • bck -> backup_servers
  • cli_abrt -> cli_abort
  • srv_abrt -> srv_abort
  • hrsp_1xx -> http_response.1xx
  • hrsp_2xx -> http_response.2xx
  • hrsp_3xx -> http_response.3xx
  • hrsp_4xx -> http_response.4xx
  • hrsp_5xx -> http_response.5xx
  • hrsp_other -> http_response.other

For more details about collected metrics reference the HAProxy CSV format documentation.

  • haproxy
    • tags:
      • server - address of the server data was gathered from
      • proxy - proxy name
      • sv - service name
      • type - proxy session type
    • fields:
      • status (string)
      • check_status (string)
      • last_chk (string)
      • mode (string)
      • tracked (string)
      • agent_status (string)
      • last_agt (string)
      • addr (string)
      • cookie (string)
      • lastsess (int)
      • all other stats (int)
Example Output:
haproxy,server=/run/haproxy/admin.sock,proxy=public,sv=FRONTEND,type=frontend http_response.other=0i,req_rate_max=1i,comp_byp=0i,status="OPEN",rate_lim=0i,dses=0i,req_rate=0i,comp_rsp=0i,bout=9287i,comp_in=0i,mode="http",smax=1i,slim=2000i,http_response.1xx=0i,conn_rate=0i,dreq=0i,ereq=0i,iid=2i,rate_max=1i,http_response.2xx=1i,comp_out=0i,intercepted=1i,stot=2i,pid=1i,http_response.5xx=1i,http_response.3xx=0i,http_response.4xx=0i,conn_rate_max=1i,conn_tot=2i,dcon=0i,bin=294i,rate=0i,sid=0i,req_tot=2i,scur=0i,dresp=0i 1513293519000000000


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