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Published: Nov 17, 2021 License: MIT Imports: 13 Imported by: 160


RethinkDB Input Plugin

Collect metrics from RethinkDB.


This section contains the default TOML to configure the plugin. You can generate it using telegraf --usage rethinkdb.

  ## An array of URI to gather stats about. Specify an ip or hostname
  ## with optional port add password. ie,
  ##   rethinkdb://user:auth_key@,
  ##   rethinkdb://,
  ##, etc.
  servers = [""]

  ## If you use actual rethinkdb of > 2.3.0 with username/password authorization,
  ## protocol have to be named "rethinkdb2" - it will use 1_0 H.
  # servers = ["rethinkdb2://username:password@"]

  ## If you use older versions of rethinkdb (<2.2) with auth_key, protocol
  ## have to be named "rethinkdb".
  # servers = ["rethinkdb://username:auth_key@"]
  • rethinkdb
    • tags:
      • type
      • ns
      • rethinkdb_host
      • rethinkdb_hostname
    • fields:
      • cache_bytes_in_use (integer, bytes)
      • disk_read_bytes_per_sec (integer, reads)
      • disk_read_bytes_total (integer, bytes)
      • disk_written_bytes_per_sec (integer, bytes)
      • disk_written_bytes_total (integer, bytes)
      • disk_usage_data_bytes (integer, bytes)
      • disk_usage_garbage_bytes (integer, bytes)
      • disk_usage_metadata_bytes (integer, bytes)
      • disk_usage_preallocated_bytes (integer, bytes)
  • rethinkdb_engine
    • tags:
      • type
      • ns
      • rethinkdb_host
      • rethinkdb_hostname
    • fields:
      • active_clients (integer, clients)
      • clients (integer, clients)
      • queries_per_sec (integer, queries)
      • total_queries (integer, queries)
      • read_docs_per_sec (integer, reads)
      • total_reads (integer, reads)
      • written_docs_per_sec (integer, writes)
      • total_writes (integer, writes)




This section is empty.


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var ClusterTracking = []string{
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var MemberTracking = []string{
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var TableTracking = []string{


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type Address

type Address struct {
	Host string `gorethink:"host"`
	Port int    `gorethink:"port"`

type Cache

type Cache struct {
	BytesInUse int64 `gorethink:"in_use_bytes"`

type Disk

type Disk struct {
	ReadBytesPerSec  int64      `gorethink:"read_bytes_per_sec"`
	ReadBytesTotal   int64      `gorethink:"read_bytes_total"`
	WriteBytesPerSec int64      `gorethik:"written_bytes_per_sec"`
	WriteBytesTotal  int64      `gorethink:"written_bytes_total"`
	SpaceUsage       SpaceUsage `gorethink:"space_usage"`

type Engine

type Engine struct {
	ClientConns   int64 `gorethink:"client_connections,omitempty"`
	ClientActive  int64 `gorethink:"clients_active,omitempty"`
	QueriesPerSec int64 `gorethink:"queries_per_sec,omitempty"`
	TotalQueries  int64 `gorethink:"queries_total,omitempty"`
	ReadsPerSec   int64 `gorethink:"read_docs_per_sec,omitempty"`
	TotalReads    int64 `gorethink:"read_docs_total,omitempty"`
	WritesPerSec  int64 `gorethink:"written_docs_per_sec,omitempty"`
	TotalWrites   int64 `gorethink:"written_docs_total,omitempty"`

func (*Engine) AddEngineStats

func (e *Engine) AddEngineStats(
	keys []string,
	acc telegraf.Accumulator,
	tags map[string]string,

type RethinkDB

type RethinkDB struct {
	Servers []string

func (*RethinkDB) Description

func (r *RethinkDB) Description() string

func (*RethinkDB) Gather

func (r *RethinkDB) Gather(acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

Reads stats from all configured servers accumulates stats. Returns one of the errors encountered while gather stats (if any).

func (*RethinkDB) SampleConfig

func (r *RethinkDB) SampleConfig() string

type Server

type Server struct {
	URL *url.URL
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type SpaceUsage

type SpaceUsage struct {
	Data     int64 `gorethink:"data_bytes"`
	Garbage  int64 `gorethink:"garbage_bytes"`
	Metadata int64 `gorethink:"metadata_bytes"`
	Prealloc int64 `gorethink:"preallocated_bytes"`

type Storage

type Storage struct {
	Cache Cache `gorethink:"cache"`
	Disk  Disk  `gorethink:"disk"`

func (*Storage) AddStats

func (s *Storage) AddStats(acc telegraf.Accumulator, tags map[string]string)

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