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Webhooks Input Plugin

This is a Telegraf service plugin that start an http server and register multiple webhook listeners.

telegraf config -input-filter webhooks -output-filter influxdb > config.conf.new

Change the config file to point to the InfluxDB server you are using and adjust the settings to match your environment. Once that is complete:

cp config.conf.new /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf
sudo service telegraf start


# A Webhooks Event collector
  ## Address and port to host Webhook listener on
  service_address = ":1619"

    path = "/filestack"

    ## HTTP basic auth
    #username = ""
    #password = ""

    path = "/github"
    # secret = ""

    ## HTTP basic auth
    #username = ""
    #password = ""

    path = "/mandrill"

    ## HTTP basic auth
    #username = ""
    #password = ""

    path = "/rollbar"

    ## HTTP basic auth
    #username = ""
    #password = ""

    path = "/papertrail"

    ## HTTP basic auth
    #username = ""
    #password = ""

    path = "/particle"

    ## HTTP basic auth
    #username = ""
    #password = ""
    path = "/artifactory"

Available webhooks

Adding new webhooks plugin

  1. Add your webhook plugin inside the webhooks folder
  2. Your plugin must implement the Webhook interface
  3. Import your plugin in the webhooks.go file and add it to the Webhooks struct

Both Github and Rollbar are good example to follow.




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type Webhook

type Webhook interface {
	Register(router *mux.Router, acc telegraf.Accumulator, log telegraf.Logger)

type Webhooks

type Webhooks struct {
	ServiceAddress string `toml:"service_address"`

	Github      *github.GithubWebhook           `toml:"github"`
	Filestack   *filestack.FilestackWebhook     `toml:"filestack"`
	Mandrill    *mandrill.MandrillWebhook       `toml:"mandrill"`
	Rollbar     *rollbar.RollbarWebhook         `toml:"rollbar"`
	Papertrail  *papertrail.PapertrailWebhook   `toml:"papertrail"`
	Particle    *particle.ParticleWebhook       `toml:"particle"`
	Artifactory *artifactory.ArtifactoryWebhook `toml:"artifactory"`

	Log telegraf.Logger `toml:"-"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewWebhooks

func NewWebhooks() *Webhooks

func (*Webhooks) AvailableWebhooks

func (wb *Webhooks) AvailableWebhooks() []Webhook

AvailableWebhooks Looks for fields which implement Webhook interface

func (*Webhooks) Gather

func (wb *Webhooks) Gather(_ telegraf.Accumulator) error

func (*Webhooks) SampleConfig

func (*Webhooks) SampleConfig() string

func (*Webhooks) Start

func (wb *Webhooks) Start(acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

func (*Webhooks) Stop

func (wb *Webhooks) Stop()

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