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Telegraf Internal Input Plugin

The internal plugin collects metrics about the telegraf agent itself.

Note that some metrics are aggregates across all instances of one type of plugin.


# Collect statistics about itself
  ## If true, collect telegraf memory stats.
  # collect_memstats = true

Measurements & Fields

memstats are taken from the Go runtime:

  • internal_memstats
    • alloc_bytes
    • frees
    • heap_alloc_bytes
    • heap_idle_bytes
    • heap_in_use_bytes
    • heap_objects_bytes
    • heap_released_bytes
    • heap_sys_bytes
    • mallocs
    • num_gc
    • pointer_lookups
    • sys_bytes
    • total_alloc_bytes

agent stats collect aggregate stats on all telegraf plugins.

  • internal_agent
    • gather_errors
    • metrics_dropped
    • metrics_gathered
    • metrics_written

internal_gather stats collect aggregate stats on all input plugins that are of the same input type. They are tagged with input=<plugin_name> version=<telegraf_version> and go_version=<go_build_version>.

  • internal_gather
    • gather_time_ns
    • metrics_gathered

internal_write stats collect aggregate stats on all output plugins that are of the same input type. They are tagged with output=<plugin_name> and version=<telegraf_version>.

  • internal_write
    • buffer_limit
    • buffer_size
    • metrics_added
    • metrics_written
    • metrics_dropped
    • metrics_filtered
    • write_time_ns

internal_<plugin_name> are metrics which are defined on a per-plugin basis, and usually contain tags which differentiate each instance of a particular type of plugin and version=<telegraf_version>.

  • internal_<plugin_name>
    • individual plugin-specific fields, such as requests counts.


All measurements for specific plugins are tagged with information relevant to each particular plugin and with version=<telegraf_version>.

Example Output

internal_memstats,host=tyrion alloc_bytes=4457408i,sys_bytes=10590456i,pointer_lookups=7i,mallocs=17642i,frees=7473i,heap_sys_bytes=6848512i,heap_idle_bytes=1368064i,heap_in_use_bytes=5480448i,heap_released_bytes=0i,total_alloc_bytes=6875560i,heap_alloc_bytes=4457408i,heap_objects_bytes=10169i,num_gc=2i 1480682800000000000
internal_agent,host=tyrion,go_version=1.12.7,version=1.99.0 metrics_written=18i,metrics_dropped=0i,metrics_gathered=19i,gather_errors=0i 1480682800000000000
internal_write,output=file,host=tyrion,version=1.99.0 buffer_limit=10000i,write_time_ns=636609i,metrics_added=18i,metrics_written=18i,buffer_size=0i 1480682800000000000
internal_gather,input=internal,host=tyrion,version=1.99.0 metrics_gathered=19i,gather_time_ns=442114i 1480682800000000000
internal_gather,input=http_listener,host=tyrion,version=1.99.0 metrics_gathered=0i,gather_time_ns=167285i 1480682800000000000
internal_http_listener,address=:8186,host=tyrion,version=1.99.0 queries_received=0i,writes_received=0i,requests_received=0i,buffers_created=0i,requests_served=0i,pings_received=0i,bytes_received=0i,not_founds_served=0i,pings_served=0i,queries_served=0i,writes_served=0i 1480682800000000000




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func NewSelf

func NewSelf() telegraf.Input


type Self

type Self struct {
	CollectMemstats bool

func (*Self) Gather

func (s *Self) Gather(acc telegraf.Accumulator) error

func (*Self) SampleConfig

func (*Self) SampleConfig() string

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