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var (
	// ErrChmod - Error message for error changing file permission
	ErrChmod = errors.New("Error changing file permissions")
	// ErrCopyingFile - Error message for error copying file
	ErrCopyingFile = errors.New("Error copying file")
	// ErrCreatingFile - Error message for error creating file
	ErrCreatingFile = errors.New("Error creating file")
	// ErrMkdirAll - Error message for error making directory
	ErrMkdirAll = errors.New("Error making directory")
	// ErrNext - Error message for error interating through tar file
	ErrNext = errors.New("Error iterating through tar file")
	// ErrUntar - Error message for error untarring file
	ErrUntar = errors.New("Error untarring file")


func Extract

func Extract(f io.ReadSeeker) (string, error)

    Extract expands the ACI file to a temporary directory, returning the directory path where the ACI was expanded or an error

    func Manifest

    func Manifest(f io.ReadSeeker) (*schema.ImageManifest, error)

      Manifest returns the ImageManifest inside the ACI file

      func Validate

      func Validate(f io.ReadSeeker) error

        Validate makes sure the archive is valid. Otherwise, an error is returned


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