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type ConfigTree

type ConfigTree struct {
	// Debug turns on verbose logging of the tree functions to stdout
	Debug bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    ConfigTree struct type

    func New

    func New() *ConfigTree

      New returns a new instance of ConfigTree

      func (*ConfigTree) Add

      func (c *ConfigTree) Add(ns []string, inNode Node)

        Add adds a new tree node

        func (*ConfigTree) Freeze

        func (c *ConfigTree) Freeze()

          Freeze sets the ConfigTree's freezeFlag to true

          func (*ConfigTree) Frozen

          func (c *ConfigTree) Frozen() bool

            Frozen returns the bool value of ConfigTree freezeFlag

            func (*ConfigTree) Get

            func (c *ConfigTree) Get(ns []string) Node

              Get returns a tree node given the namespace

              func (*ConfigTree) GetAll

              func (c *ConfigTree) GetAll() map[string]Node

              func (*ConfigTree) GobDecode

              func (c *ConfigTree) GobDecode(buf []byte) error

                GobDecode decodes the ConfigTree.

                func (*ConfigTree) GobEncode

                func (c *ConfigTree) GobEncode() ([]byte, error)

                  GobEncode returns the encoded ConfigTree. Otherwise, an error is returned

                  func (*ConfigTree) MarshalJSON

                  func (c *ConfigTree) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

                    MarshalJSON marshals ConfigTree

                    func (*ConfigTree) Print

                    func (c *ConfigTree) Print()

                      Print prints out the ConfigTree

                      type Node

                      type Node interface {
                      	Merge(Node) Node

                        Node interface

                        Source Files