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Published: Aug 21, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func AccountState

func AccountState(sr protocol.StateReader, encodedAddr string) (*state.Account, error)

AccountState returns the confirmed account state on the chain

func AccountStateWithHeight

func AccountStateWithHeight(sr protocol.StateReader, encodedAddr string) (*state.Account, uint64, error)

AccountStateWithHeight returns the confirmed account state on the chain with what height the state is read from.

func LoadAccount

func LoadAccount(sr protocol.StateReader, addrHash hash.Hash160) (*state.Account, error)

LoadAccount loads an account state

func LoadOrCreateAccount

func LoadOrCreateAccount(sm protocol.StateManager, encodedAddr string) (*state.Account, error)

LoadOrCreateAccount either loads an account state or creates an account state

func Recorded

func Recorded(sr protocol.StateReader, addr address.Address) (bool, error)

Recorded tests if an account has been actually stored

func SetNonce

func SetNonce(i noncer, state *state.Account)

SetNonce sets nonce for account

func StoreAccount

func StoreAccount(sm protocol.StateManager, addr address.Address, account *state.Account) error

StoreAccount puts updated account state to trie

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