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Published: Jun 12, 2023 License: MIT Imports: 4 Imported by: 71



⚠️ This package is no longer being maintained here. ⚠️

It has been moved into kubo's repo at

This allows that any updates or change to kubo's coreapi is immediately reflected on the client too.





Deprecated: This repo has moved inside Kubo in order to make it easier to keep kubo and the http-client in sync, please use instead.



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const DefaultApiFile = rpc.DefaultApiFile

Deprecated: use rpc.DefaultApiFile instead.

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const DefaultPathName = rpc.DefaultPathName

Deprecated: use rpc.DefaultPathName instead.

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const DefaultPathRoot = rpc.DefaultPathRoot

Deprecated: use rpc.DefaultPathRoot instead.

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const EnvDir = rpc.EnvDir

Deprecated: use rpc.EnvDir instead.


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var ErrApiNotFound = rpc.ErrApiNotFound

Deprecated: use rpc.ErrApiNotFound instead.


func ApiAddr deprecated

func ApiAddr(ipfspath string) (ma.Multiaddr, error)

Deprecated: use rpc.ApiAddr instead.


type BlockAPI deprecated

type BlockAPI = rpc.BlockAPI

Deprecated: use rpc.BlockAPI instead.

type DhtAPI deprecated

type DhtAPI = rpc.DhtAPI

Deprecated: use rpc.DhtAPI instead.

type Error deprecated

type Error = rpc.Error

Deprecated: use rpc.Error instead.

type HttpApi deprecated

type HttpApi = rpc.HttpApi

Deprecated: use rpc.HttpApi instead.

func NewApi deprecated

func NewApi(a ma.Multiaddr) (*HttpApi, error)

Deprecated: use rpc.NewApi instead.

func NewApiWithClient deprecated

func NewApiWithClient(a ma.Multiaddr, c *http.Client) (*HttpApi, error)

Deprecated: use rpc.NewApiWithClient instead.

func NewLocalApi deprecated

func NewLocalApi() (*HttpApi, error)

Deprecated: use rpc.NewLocalApi instead.

func NewPathApi deprecated

func NewPathApi(ipfspath string) (*HttpApi, error)

Deprecated: use rpc.NewPathApi instead.

func NewURLApiWithClient deprecated added in v0.0.2

func NewURLApiWithClient(url string, c *http.Client) (*HttpApi, error)

Deprecated: use rpc.NewURLApiWithClient instead.

type HttpDagServ deprecated

type HttpDagServ = rpc.HttpDagServ

Deprecated: use rpc.HttpDagServ instead.

type KeyAPI deprecated

type KeyAPI = rpc.KeyAPI

Deprecated: use rpc.KeyAPI instead.

type NameAPI deprecated

type NameAPI = rpc.NameAPI

Deprecated: use rpc.NameAPI instead.

type ObjectAPI deprecated

type ObjectAPI = rpc.ObjectAPI

Deprecated: use rpc.ObjectAPI instead.

type PinAPI deprecated

type PinAPI = rpc.PinAPI

Deprecated: use rpc.PinAPI instead.

type PubsubAPI deprecated

type PubsubAPI = rpc.PubsubAPI

Deprecated: use rpc.PubsubAPI instead.

type Request deprecated

type Request = rpc.Request

Deprecated: use rpc.Request instead.

func NewRequest deprecated

func NewRequest(ctx context.Context, url, command string, args ...string) *Request

Deprecated: use rpc.NewRequest instead.

type RequestBuilder deprecated

type RequestBuilder = rpc.RequestBuilder

Deprecated: use rpc.RequestBuilder instead.

type Response deprecated

type Response = rpc.Response

Deprecated: use rpc.Response instead.

type RoutingAPI deprecated added in v0.5.0

type RoutingAPI = rpc.RoutingAPI

Deprecated: use rpc.RoutingAPI instead.

type SwarmAPI deprecated

type SwarmAPI = rpc.SwarmAPI

Deprecated: use rpc.SwarmAPI instead.

type UnixfsAPI deprecated

type UnixfsAPI = rpc.UnixfsAPI

Deprecated: use rpc.UnixfsAPI instead.

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