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iptb is a program used to manage a cluster of ipfs nodes locally on your computer. It allows the creation of up to 1000 (limited by poor port choice) nodes, and allows for various other setup options to be selected such as different bootstrapping patterns. iptb makes testing networks in ipfs easy!

  • init

    • creates and initializes 'n' repos
    • Options:
      • -n=[number of nodes]
      • -f : force overwriting of existing nodes
      • -bootstrap : select bootstrapping style for cluster choices: star, none
  • start

    • starts up all testbed nodes
    • Options:
      • -wait : wait until daemons are fully initialized
  • stop

    • kills all testbed nodes
  • restart

    • kills and then restarts all testbed nodes
  • shell [n]

    • execs your shell with environment variables set as follows:
      • IPFS_PATH - set to testbed node n's IPFS_PATH
      • NODE[x] - set to the peer ID of node x
  • get [attr] [n]

    • gets the specified attribute from then given node
      • available attributes: id

By default, iptb uses $HOME/testbed to store created nodes. This path is configurable via the environment variables IPTB_ROOT.


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