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+build !windows



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func ApplyConfigOverride

func ApplyConfigOverride(cfg *InitCfg) error

func ConnectNodes

func ConnectNodes(from, to int) error

func GetAttr

func GetAttr(attr string, node int) (string, error)

func GetNodesAPIAddr

func GetNodesAPIAddr(nnum int) (string, error)

func GetNumNodes

func GetNumNodes() int

GetNumNodes returns the number of testbed nodes configured in the testbed directory

func GetPeerID

func GetPeerID(n int) (string, error)

GetPeerID reads the config of node 'n' and returns its peer ID

func IpfsDirN

func IpfsDirN(n int) string

func IpfsInit

func IpfsInit(cfg *InitCfg) error

func IpfsKillAll

func IpfsKillAll() error

func IpfsPidOf

func IpfsPidOf(n int) (int, error)

func IpfsShell

func IpfsShell(n int) error

IpfsShell sets up environment variables for a new shell to more easily control the given daemon

func IpfsStart

func IpfsStart(waitall bool) error

func KillNode

func KillNode(i int) error

func TestBedDir

func TestBedDir() string

func YesNoPrompt

func YesNoPrompt(prompt string) bool


type InitCfg

type InitCfg struct {
	Count     int
	Force     bool
	Bootstrap string
	PortStart int
	Mdns      bool
	Utp       bool
	Override  string

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