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type FileSystem

type FileSystem struct {
	Base string

FileSystem file system storage

func New

func New(base string) *FileSystem

New initialize FileSystem storage

func (FileSystem) Delete

func (fileSystem FileSystem) Delete(path string) error

Delete delete file

func (FileSystem) Get

func (fileSystem FileSystem) Get(path string) (*os.File, error)

Get receive file with given path

func (FileSystem) GetEndpoint

func (fileSystem FileSystem) GetEndpoint() string

GetEndpoint get endpoint, FileSystem's endpoint is /

func (FileSystem) GetFullPath

func (fileSystem FileSystem) GetFullPath(path string) string

GetFullPath get full path from absolute/relative path

func (FileSystem) GetStream

func (fileSystem FileSystem) GetStream(path string) (io.ReadCloser, error)

GetStream get file as stream

func (FileSystem) GetURL

func (fileSystem FileSystem) GetURL(path string) (url string, err error)

GetURL get public accessible URL

func (FileSystem) List

func (fileSystem FileSystem) List(path string) ([]*oss.Object, error)

List list all objects under current path

func (FileSystem) Put

func (fileSystem FileSystem) Put(path string, reader io.Reader) (*oss.Object, error)

Put store a reader into given path

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