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type Config

type Config struct {
	QueueMapping map[string]string `json:"queue_mapping"` // nillable, transformation-step output -> message queue
	ConfigFiles  map[string]string `json:"config_files"`

Config is the struct holding configurable information This can be set via the environment variable ITERUM_CONFIG

func (*Config) FromString

func (conf *Config) FromString(stringified string) (err error)

FromString converts a string value into an instance of Config and also does validation

func (Config) MapQueue added in v0.1.11

func (conf Config) MapQueue(queue string) (target string, err error)

MapQueue tries to map a transformation step output to a target MQ. If either the map is nil or the key does not exist it returns an error

func (Config) ReturnMatchingFiles added in v0.2.2

func (conf Config) ReturnMatchingFiles(files []string) (matches []string)

ReturnMatchingFiles returns the list of files matching the ConfigSelectors of conf

func (Config) Validate

func (conf Config) Validate() error

Validate does validation of a config struct, ensuring that it's members contain valid values

type Downloader added in v0.2.2

type Downloader struct {
	Config *Config
	Minio  minio.Config
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Downloader is the structure responsible for downloading the config files used by the fragmenter to properly fragment data files

func NewDownloader added in v0.2.2

func NewDownloader(config *Config) Downloader

NewDownloader instantiates a new config downloader without starting it

func (*Downloader) Start added in v0.2.2

func (cfgdownloader *Downloader) Start(wg *sync.WaitGroup)

Start is an asyncrhonous alternative to StartBlocking by spawning a goroutine

func (*Downloader) StartBlocking added in v0.2.2

func (cfgdownloader *Downloader) StartBlocking()

StartBlocking starts the process of downloading the config files

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