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var (
	// FragmentSizeLength is the length of the encoded size of a message
	FragmentSizeLength = 4


func DecodeRead

func DecodeRead(conn net.Conn, obj Serializable) (err error)

DecodeRead tries to decode a serialized object that was encoded via the Iterum defaults as described in `transmit.Encode` and Read from the passed connection

func EncodeSend

func EncodeSend(conn net.Conn, obj Serializable) (err error)

EncodeSend encodes a serializable object via the Iterum defaults:

unsigned 32bit int msg length , followed by the encoded object

Then it sends it on the target connection


type ConnectionError

type ConnectionError struct {
	Err error

ConnectionError is raised when something with net.Conn fails (such as reading or writing)

func ErrConnection

func ErrConnection(err error) *ConnectionError

ErrConnection is used to raise a ConnectionError embedding another error

func (ConnectionError) Error

func (err ConnectionError) Error() string

func (*ConnectionError) Unwrap

func (err *ConnectionError) Unwrap() error

type Serializable

type Serializable interface {
	Serialize() ([]byte, error)
	Deserialize([]byte) error

Serializable is an interface describing structures that can be encoded and decoded

type SerializationError

type SerializationError struct {
	Err error

SerializationError is raised when serialize or deserialize fails

func ErrSerialization

func ErrSerialization(err error) *SerializationError

ErrSerialization is used to raise a SerializationError embedding another error

func (*SerializationError) Error

func (err *SerializationError) Error() string

func (*SerializationError) Unwrap

func (err *SerializationError) Unwrap() error

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