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const MethodBroadcast = http.MethodPost
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const MethodCreateGame = http.MethodPost
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const MethodDeleteGame = http.MethodDelete
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const MethodGame = http.MethodGet
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const MethodGetCapacity = http.MethodGet
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const MethodGetGame = http.MethodGet
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const MethodGetGames = http.MethodGet
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const MethodGetInfo = http.MethodGet
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const MethodGetObjects = http.MethodGet
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const MethodPing = http.MethodGet
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const MethodWelcome = http.MethodGet
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const URLRouteBroadcast = "/games/{id}/broadcast"
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const URLRouteCreateGame = "/games"
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const URLRouteDeleteGameByID = "/games/{id}"
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const URLRouteGameWebSocketByID = "/games/{id}"
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const URLRouteGetCapacity = "/capacity"
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const URLRouteGetGameByID = "/games/{id}"
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const URLRouteGetGames = "/games"
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const URLRouteGetInfo = "/info"
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const URLRouteGetObjects = "/games/{id}/objects"
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const URLRoutePing = "/ping"
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const URLRouteWelcome = "/"


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func NewBroadcastHandler

func NewBroadcastHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger, groupManager *connections.ConnectionGroupManager) http.Handler

func NewCreateGameHandler

func NewCreateGameHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger, groupManager *connections.ConnectionGroupManager) http.Handler

func NewDeleteGameHandler

func NewDeleteGameHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger, groupManager *connections.ConnectionGroupManager) http.Handler

func NewGameWebSocketHandler

func NewGameWebSocketHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger, groupManager *connections.ConnectionGroupManager) http.Handler

func NewGetCapacityHandler

func NewGetCapacityHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger, groupManager *connections.ConnectionGroupManager) http.Handler

func NewGetGameHandler

func NewGetGameHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger, groupManager *connections.ConnectionGroupManager) http.Handler

func NewGetGamesHandler

func NewGetGamesHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger, groupManager *connections.ConnectionGroupManager) http.Handler

func NewGetInfoHandler

func NewGetInfoHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger, author, license, version, build string) http.Handler

func NewGetObjectsHandler

func NewGetObjectsHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger, groupManager *connections.ConnectionGroupManager) http.Handler

func NewNotFoundHandler

func NewNotFoundHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger) http.Handler

func NewPingHandler

func NewPingHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger) http.Handler

func NewWelcomeHandler

func NewWelcomeHandler(logger logrus.FieldLogger) http.Handler


type ErrBroadcastHandler

type ErrBroadcastHandler string

func (ErrBroadcastHandler) Error

func (e ErrBroadcastHandler) Error() string

type ErrCreateGameHandler

type ErrCreateGameHandler string

func (ErrCreateGameHandler) Error

func (e ErrCreateGameHandler) Error() string

type ErrDeleteGameHandler

type ErrDeleteGameHandler string

func (ErrDeleteGameHandler) Error

func (e ErrDeleteGameHandler) Error() string

type ErrGameWebSocketHandler

type ErrGameWebSocketHandler string

func (ErrGameWebSocketHandler) Error

func (e ErrGameWebSocketHandler) Error() string

type ErrGetCapacityHandler

type ErrGetCapacityHandler string

func (ErrGetCapacityHandler) Error

func (e ErrGetCapacityHandler) Error() string

type ErrGetGameHandler

type ErrGetGameHandler string

func (ErrGetGameHandler) Error

func (e ErrGetGameHandler) Error() string

type ErrGetGamesHandler

type ErrGetGamesHandler string

func (ErrGetGamesHandler) Error

func (e ErrGetGamesHandler) Error() string

type ErrGetInfoHandler

type ErrGetInfoHandler string

func (ErrGetInfoHandler) Error

func (e ErrGetInfoHandler) Error() string

type ErrGetObjectsHandler

type ErrGetObjectsHandler string

func (ErrGetObjectsHandler) Error

func (e ErrGetObjectsHandler) Error() string

type ErrNotFoundHandler

type ErrNotFoundHandler string

func (ErrNotFoundHandler) Error

func (e ErrNotFoundHandler) Error() string

type ErrPingHandler

type ErrPingHandler string

func (ErrPingHandler) Error

func (e ErrPingHandler) Error() string

type ErrWelcomeHandler

type ErrWelcomeHandler string

func (ErrWelcomeHandler) Error

func (e ErrWelcomeHandler) Error() string

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