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func GetTypeName

func GetTypeName(cmd interface{}) string

GetTypeName returns objects type name (without package)

func Send

func Send(conn net.Conn, cmd interface{}, idx int) (retErr error)

Send sends a command to a connection : init+serialize+send


type APIRequest

type APIRequest struct {
	APIPath string

APIRequest do custom request to API

type APIResponse

type APIResponse struct {
	APIPath      string
	ResponseData string
	Error        string

APIResponse contains the raw data of response to custom API request

type AccountStatus

type AccountStatus struct {

AccountStatus get account status

type AccountStatusResp

type AccountStatusResp struct {
	APIStatus       int
	APIErrorMessage string
	SessionToken    string
	Account         preferences.AccountStatus

AccountStatusResp - information about account status (or error info)

type CommandBase

type CommandBase struct {
	// this field represents command type
	Command string
	// Uses for separate request\response sessions.
	// Response messages must have same Index as request
	Idx int

CommandBase is a base object for communication with daemon. Contains fields required for all requests\responses.

func GetCommandBase

func GetCommandBase(messageData []byte) (CommandBase, error)

GetCommandBase deserializing to CommandBase object

type ConfigParamsResp

type ConfigParamsResp struct {

	UserDefinedOvpnFile string

ConfigParamsResp return s configuration parameters

type Connect

type Connect struct {
	VpnType    vpn.Type
	CurrentDNS string
	// Enable firewall before connection
	// (if true - the parameter 'firewallDuringConnection' will be ignored)
	FirewallOn bool
	// Enable firewall before connection and disable after disconnection
	// (has effect only if Firewall not enabled before)
	FirewallOnDuringConnection bool

	WireGuardParameters struct {
		Port struct {
			Port int

		EntryVpnServer struct {
			Hosts []WGHost

	OpenVpnParameters struct {
		EntryVpnServer struct {
			IPAddresses []string `json:"ip_addresses"`

		MultihopExitSrvID string
		ProxyType         string
		ProxyAddress      string
		ProxyPort         int
		ProxyUsername     string
		ProxyPassword     string

		Port struct {
			Port     int
			Protocol int

Connect request to establish new VPN connection

type ConnectedResp

type ConnectedResp struct {
	VpnType         vpn.Type
	TimeSecFrom1970 int64
	ClientIP        string
	ServerIP        string
	ExitServerID    string
	ManualDNS       string
	IsCanPause      bool

ConnectedResp notifying about established connection

type DiagnosticsGeneratedResp

type DiagnosticsGeneratedResp struct {
	ServiceLog     string
	ServiceLog0    string
	OpenvpnLog     string
	OpenvpnLog0    string
	EnvironmentLog string

DiagnosticsGeneratedResp returns info from daemon logs

type DisabledFunctionality

type DisabledFunctionality struct {
	WireGuardError string
	OpenVPNError   string
	ObfsproxyError string

DisabledFunctionality Some functionality can be not accessible It can happen, for example, if some external binaries not installed (e.g. obfsproxy or WireGaurd on Linux)

type Disconnect

type Disconnect struct {

Disconnect disconnect active VPN connection

type DisconnectedResp

type DisconnectedResp struct {
	Failure           bool
	Reason            DisconnectionReason //int
	ReasonDescription string

DisconnectedResp notifying about stopped connetion

type DisconnectionReason

type DisconnectionReason int

DisconnectionReason - disconnection reason

const (
	Unknown             DisconnectionReason = iota
	AuthenticationError DisconnectionReason = iota
	DisconnectRequested DisconnectionReason = iota

Disconnection reason types

type EmptyResp

type EmptyResp struct {

EmptyResp empty response on request

type ErrorResp

type ErrorResp struct {
	ErrorMessage string

ErrorResp response of error

type GetServers

type GetServers struct {

GetServers request servers list

type GetVPNState

type GetVPNState struct {

GetVPNState request daemon to provive current VPN connection state

type Hello

type Hello struct {
	// connected client version
	Version string
	Secret  uint64

	// GetServersList == true - client requests to send back info about all servers
	GetServersList bool

	// GetStatus == true - client requests current status (Vpn connection, Firewal... etc.)
	GetStatus bool

	// GetConfigParams == true - client requests config parameters (user-defined OpevVPN file location ... etc.)
	GetConfigParams bool

	//	KeepDaemonAlone == false (default) - VPN disconnects when client disconnects from a daemon
	//	KeepDaemonAlone == true - do nothing when client disconnects from a daemon (if VPN is connected - do not disconnect)
	KeepDaemonAlone bool

Hello is an initial request

type HelloResp

type HelloResp struct {
	Version           string
	Session           SessionResp
	DisabledFunctions DisabledFunctionality

HelloResp response on initial request

type KillSwitchGetIsPestistentResp

type KillSwitchGetIsPestistentResp struct {
	IsPersistent bool

KillSwitchGetIsPestistentResp returns kill-switch persistance status

type KillSwitchGetStatus

type KillSwitchGetStatus struct {

KillSwitchGetStatus get full killswitch status

type KillSwitchSetAllowLAN

type KillSwitchSetAllowLAN struct {
	AllowLAN bool

	// When true - deamon returns empty response as confirmation
	// Needed for supporting old UI clients which are don't require confirmation
	Synchronously bool

KillSwitchSetAllowLAN enable\disable LAN acces for kill-switch

type KillSwitchSetAllowLANMulticast

type KillSwitchSetAllowLANMulticast struct {
	AllowLANMulticast bool

	// When true - deamon returns empty response as confirmation
	// Needed for supporting old UI clients which are don't require confirmation
	Synchronously bool

KillSwitchSetAllowLANMulticast enable\disable LAN multicast acces for kill-switch

type KillSwitchSetEnabled

type KillSwitchSetEnabled struct {
	IsEnabled bool

KillSwitchSetEnabled request to enable\disable kill-switch

type KillSwitchSetIsPersistent

type KillSwitchSetIsPersistent struct {
	IsPersistent bool

KillSwitchSetIsPersistent request to mark kill-switch persistant

type KillSwitchStatusResp

type KillSwitchStatusResp struct {
	IsEnabled        bool
	IsPersistent     bool
	IsAllowLAN       bool
	IsAllowMulticast bool

KillSwitchStatusResp returns kill-switch status

type PingResultType

type PingResultType struct {
	Host string
	Ping int

PingResultType represents information ping TTL for a host (is a part of 'PingServersResp')

type PingServers

type PingServers struct {
	RetryCount int
	TimeOutMs  int

PingServers request to ping servers

type PingServersResp

type PingServersResp struct {
	PingResults []PingResultType

PingServersResp returns average ping time for servers

type ServerListResp

type ServerListResp struct {
	VpnServers types.ServersInfoResponse

ServerListResp returns list of servers

type ServiceExitingResp

type ServiceExitingResp struct {

ServiceExitingResp service is going to exit response

type SessionDelete

type SessionDelete struct {

SessionDelete logout from current device

type SessionNew

type SessionNew struct {
	AccountID  string
	ForceLogin bool

	CaptchaID       string
	Captcha         string
	Confirmation2FA string

SessionNew - create new session

When force is set to true - all active sessions will be deleted prior to creating a new one if user reached session limit. Initial call to /sessin/new should always be performed with force set to false, to display special form, when sessions limit is reached. IVPN client apps have to set force to true only when customer clicks Log all other clients button.

type SessionNewResp

type SessionNewResp struct {
	APIStatus       int
	APIErrorMessage string
	Session         SessionResp
	Account         preferences.AccountStatus
	RawResponse     string

SessionNewResp - information about created session (or error info)

type SessionResp

type SessionResp struct {
	AccountID          string
	Session            string
	WgPublicKey        string
	WgLocalIP          string
	WgKeyGenerated     int64 // Unix time
	WgKeysRegenInerval int64 // seconds

SessionResp information about session

func CreateSessionResp

func CreateSessionResp(s preferences.SessionStatus) SessionResp

CreateSessionResp create new session info object to send to client

type SetAlternateDNSResp

type SetAlternateDNSResp struct {
	IsSuccess  bool
	ChangedDNS string

SetAlternateDNSResp returns status of changing DNS

type SetAlternateDns

type SetAlternateDns struct {
	DNS string

SetAlternateDns request to set custom DNS

type SetPreference

type SetPreference struct {
	Key   string
	Value string

SetPreference sets daemon configuration parameter

type VpnStateResp

type VpnStateResp struct {
	// TODO: remove 'State' field. Use only 'StateVal'
	State               string
	StateVal            vpn.State
	StateAdditionalInfo string

VpnStateResp returns VPN connection state

type WGHost

type WGHost struct {
	Host      string
	PublicKey string `json:"public_key"`
	LocalIP   string `json:"local_ip"`

WGHost is a WireGuard host description

type WiFiAvailableNetworks

type WiFiAvailableNetworks struct {

WiFiAvailableNetworks - get list of available WIFI networks

type WiFiAvailableNetworksResp

type WiFiAvailableNetworksResp struct {
	Networks []WiFiNetworkInfo

WiFiAvailableNetworksResp - contains information about available WIFI networks

type WiFiCurrentNetwork

type WiFiCurrentNetwork struct {

WiFiCurrentNetwork - request info about connected WIFI

type WiFiCurrentNetworkResp

type WiFiCurrentNetworkResp struct {
	SSID              string
	IsInsecureNetwork bool

WiFiCurrentNetworkResp contains the information about currently connected WIFI

type WiFiNetworkInfo

type WiFiNetworkInfo struct {
	SSID string

WiFiNetworkInfo - information about WIFI network

type WireGuardGenerateNewKeys

type WireGuardGenerateNewKeys struct {
	OnlyUpdateIfNecessary bool

WireGuardGenerateNewKeys - generate WG keys

type WireGuardSetKeysRotationInterval

type WireGuardSetKeysRotationInterval struct {
	Interval int64

WireGuardSetKeysRotationInterval - change WG keys rotation interval

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