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type Arrangement

type Arrangement struct {
	Windows []Window
	Name    string

Arrangement represent a named preconfigured layout containing a []Window.

type Arrangements

type Arrangements []Arrangement

Arrangements is a list of arrangements

func NewFromFile

func NewFromFile(filename string) (*Arrangements, error)

NewFromFile reads the input file and attempts to unmarshal the contents into a *[]WindowPreferences.

func (*Arrangements) ToJSONFile

func (a *Arrangements) ToJSONFile(filename string) error

ToJSONFile writes a *[]WindowPreferences to the input file name, creating it if it doesn't exist.

type Window

type Window struct {
	NameRegex          string
	NameExclusionRegex string
	X                  int32
	Y                  int32
	Cx                 int32
	Cy                 int32

Window represents a singular application window and it's desired position keyed by a Name Regex. An exclusion name regex can be used for more fine-grained filtering

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