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const (
	// ScheduleHourly : 'Hourly'
	ScheduleHourly = "Hourly"
	// ScheduleDaily : 'Daily'
	ScheduleDaily = "Daily"
	// ScheduleWeekly : 'Weekly'
	ScheduleWeekly = "Weekly"
	// ScheduleCustom : 'Custom'
	ScheduleCustom = "Custom"
	// ScheduleManual : 'Manual'
	ScheduleManual = "Manual"
	// ScheduleNone : 'None'
	ScheduleNone = "None"


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type AdminJobRep

type AdminJobRep struct {
	ID           int64     `json:"id"`
	Name         string    `json:"job_name"`
	Kind         string    `json:"job_kind"`
	Status       string    `json:"job_status"`
	UUID         string    `json:"-"`
	Deleted      bool      `json:"deleted"`
	CreationTime time.Time `json:"creation_time"`
	UpdateTime   time.Time `json:"update_time"`

AdminJobRep holds the response of query admin job

type AdminJobReq

type AdminJobReq struct {
	Name       string                 `json:"name"`
	Status     string                 `json:"status"`
	ID         int64                  `json:"id"`
	Parameters map[string]interface{} `json:"parameters"`

AdminJobReq holds request information for admin job

func (*AdminJobReq) CronString

func (ar *AdminJobReq) CronString() string

CronString ...

func (*AdminJobReq) IsPeriodic

func (ar *AdminJobReq) IsPeriodic() bool

IsPeriodic ...

func (*AdminJobReq) JobKind

func (ar *AdminJobReq) JobKind() string

JobKind ...

func (*AdminJobReq) ToJob

func (ar *AdminJobReq) ToJob() *models.JobData

ToJob converts request to a job recognized by job service.

func (*AdminJobReq) Valid

func (ar *AdminJobReq) Valid(v *validation.Validation)

Valid validates the schedule type of a admin job request. Only scheduleHourly, ScheduleDaily, ScheduleWeekly, ScheduleCustom, ScheduleManual, ScheduleNone are accepted.

type AdminJobSchedule

type AdminJobSchedule struct {
	Schedule *ScheduleParam `json:"schedule"`

AdminJobSchedule ...

type Execution

type Execution struct {
	ID          int64     `json:"id"`
	Status      string    `json:"status"`
	TriggerMode string    `json:"trigger_mode"`
	Duration    int       `json:"duration"`
	SuccessRate string    `json:"success_rate"`
	StartTime   time.Time `json:"start_time"`

Execution defines the data model used in API level

type RegistryUpdateRequest

type RegistryUpdateRequest struct {
	Name           *string `json:"name"`
	Description    *string `json:"description"`
	URL            *string `json:"url"`
	CredentialType *string `json:"credential_type"`
	AccessKey      *string `json:"access_key"`
	AccessSecret   *string `json:"access_secret"`
	Insecure       *bool   `json:"insecure"`

RegistryUpdateRequest is request used to update a registry.

type ScheduleParam

type ScheduleParam struct {
	// Daily, Weekly, Custom, Manual, None
	Type string `json:"type"`
	// The cron string of scheduled job
	Cron string `json:"cron"`

ScheduleParam defines the parameter of schedule trigger

func ConvertSchedule

func ConvertSchedule(cronStr string) (ScheduleParam, error)

ConvertSchedule converts different kinds of cron string into one standard for UI to show. in the latest design, it uses {"type":"Daily","cron":"0 0 0 * * *"} as the cron item. As for supporting migration from older version, it needs to convert {"parameter":{"daily_time":0},"type":"daily"} and {"type":"Daily","weekday":0,"offtime":57600} into one standard.

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