Types and functions that make it easier to work with package fuse.



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    func NewFileSystemServer

    func NewFileSystemServer(fs FileSystem) fuse.Server

      Create a fuse.Server that handles ops by calling the associated FileSystem method.Respond with the resulting error. Unsupported ops are responded to directly with ENOSYS.

      Each call to a FileSystem method (except ForgetInode) is made on its own goroutine, and is free to block. ForgetInode may be called synchronously, and should not depend on calls to other methods being received concurrently.

      (It is safe to naively process ops concurrently because the kernel guarantees to serialize operations that the user expects to happen in order, cf., fuse-devel thread "Fuse guarantees on concurrent requests").

      func WriteDirent

      func WriteDirent(buf []byte, d Dirent) (n int)

        Write the supplied directory entry intto the given buffer in the format expected in fuseops.ReadFileOp.Data, returning the number of bytes written. Return zero if the entry would not fit.


        type Dirent

        type Dirent struct {
        	// The (opaque) offset within the directory file of the entry following this
        	// one. See notes on fuseops.ReadDirOp.Offset for details.
        	Offset fuseops.DirOffset
        	// The inode of the child file or directory, and its name within the parent.
        	Inode fuseops.InodeID
        	Name  string
        	// The type of the child. The zero value (DT_Unknown) is legal, but means
        	// that the kernel will need to call GetAttr when the type is needed.
        	Type DirentType

          A struct representing an entry within a directory file, describing a child. See notes on fuseops.ReadDirOp and on WriteDirent for details.

          type DirentType

          type DirentType uint32
          const (
          	DT_Unknown   DirentType = 0
          	DT_Socket    DirentType = syscall.DT_SOCK
          	DT_Link      DirentType = syscall.DT_LNK
          	DT_File      DirentType = syscall.DT_REG
          	DT_Block     DirentType = syscall.DT_BLK
          	DT_Directory DirentType = syscall.DT_DIR
          	DT_Char      DirentType = syscall.DT_CHR
          	DT_FIFO      DirentType = syscall.DT_FIFO

          type FileSystem

          type FileSystem interface {
          	StatFS(context.Context, *fuseops.StatFSOp) error
          	LookUpInode(context.Context, *fuseops.LookUpInodeOp) error
          	GetInodeAttributes(context.Context, *fuseops.GetInodeAttributesOp) error
          	SetInodeAttributes(context.Context, *fuseops.SetInodeAttributesOp) error
          	ForgetInode(context.Context, *fuseops.ForgetInodeOp) error
          	MkDir(context.Context, *fuseops.MkDirOp) error
          	MkNode(context.Context, *fuseops.MkNodeOp) error
          	CreateFile(context.Context, *fuseops.CreateFileOp) error
          	CreateLink(context.Context, *fuseops.CreateLinkOp) error
          	CreateSymlink(context.Context, *fuseops.CreateSymlinkOp) error
          	Rename(context.Context, *fuseops.RenameOp) error
          	RmDir(context.Context, *fuseops.RmDirOp) error
          	Unlink(context.Context, *fuseops.UnlinkOp) error
          	OpenDir(context.Context, *fuseops.OpenDirOp) error
          	ReadDir(context.Context, *fuseops.ReadDirOp) error
          	ReleaseDirHandle(context.Context, *fuseops.ReleaseDirHandleOp) error
          	OpenFile(context.Context, *fuseops.OpenFileOp) error
          	ReadFile(context.Context, *fuseops.ReadFileOp) error
          	WriteFile(context.Context, *fuseops.WriteFileOp) error
          	SyncFile(context.Context, *fuseops.SyncFileOp) error
          	FlushFile(context.Context, *fuseops.FlushFileOp) error
          	ReleaseFileHandle(context.Context, *fuseops.ReleaseFileHandleOp) error
          	ReadSymlink(context.Context, *fuseops.ReadSymlinkOp) error
          	RemoveXattr(context.Context, *fuseops.RemoveXattrOp) error
          	GetXattr(context.Context, *fuseops.GetXattrOp) error
          	ListXattr(context.Context, *fuseops.ListXattrOp) error
          	SetXattr(context.Context, *fuseops.SetXattrOp) error
          	Fallocate(context.Context, *fuseops.FallocateOp) error
          	// Regard all inodes (including the root inode) as having their lookup counts
          	// decremented to zero, and clean up any resources associated with the file
          	// system. No further calls to the file system will be made.

            An interface with a method for each op type in the fuseops package. This can be used in conjunction with NewFileSystemServer to avoid writing a "dispatch loop" that switches on op types, instead receiving typed method calls directly.

            The FileSystem implementation should not call Connection.Reply, instead returning the error with which the caller should respond.

            See NotImplementedFileSystem for a convenient way to embed default implementations for methods you don't care about.

            type NotImplementedFileSystem

            type NotImplementedFileSystem struct {

              A FileSystem that responds to all ops with fuse.ENOSYS. Embed this in your struct to inherit default implementations for the methods you don't care about, ensuring your struct will continue to implement FileSystem even as new methods are added.

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) CreateFile

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) Destroy

              func (fs *NotImplementedFileSystem) Destroy()

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) Fallocate

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) FlushFile

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) ForgetInode

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) GetInodeAttributes

              func (fs *NotImplementedFileSystem) GetInodeAttributes(
              	ctx context.Context,
              	op *fuseops.GetInodeAttributesOp) error

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) GetXattr

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) ListXattr

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) LookUpInode

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) MkDir

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) MkNode

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) OpenDir

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) OpenFile

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) ReadDir

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) ReadFile

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) ReleaseDirHandle

              func (fs *NotImplementedFileSystem) ReleaseDirHandle(
              	ctx context.Context,
              	op *fuseops.ReleaseDirHandleOp) error

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) ReleaseFileHandle

              func (fs *NotImplementedFileSystem) ReleaseFileHandle(
              	ctx context.Context,
              	op *fuseops.ReleaseFileHandleOp) error

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) RemoveXattr

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) Rename

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) RmDir

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) SetInodeAttributes

              func (fs *NotImplementedFileSystem) SetInodeAttributes(
              	ctx context.Context,
              	op *fuseops.SetInodeAttributesOp) error

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) SetXattr

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) StatFS

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) SyncFile

              func (*NotImplementedFileSystem) WriteFile