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This package contains code that supplements the time package from the Go standard library. In particular:

  • A Clock interface, with a fake implementation that can be used in tests.
  • Implementations of oglematchers.Matcher for time values.

See the reference for more info.




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func TimeEq

func TimeEq(t time.Time) oglematchers.Matcher

Return a matcher for times that are exactly equal to the given input time according to the == operator, which compares on location, instant, and monotonic clock reading.

If you want to ignore location, canonicalize using Time.UTC. If you want to ignore ignore monotonic clock reading, strip it using Time.AddDate(0, 0, 0) (cf. https://goo.gl/rYU5UI).

func TimeNear

func TimeNear(t time.Time, d time.Duration) oglematchers.Matcher

Return a matcher for times whose absolute distance from t is less than d.


type Clock

type Clock interface {
	Now() time.Time

func RealClock

func RealClock() Clock

Return a clock that follows the real time, according to the system.

type SimulatedClock

type SimulatedClock struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A clock that allows for manipulation of the time, which does not change unless AdvanceTime is called. The zero value is a clock initialized to the zero time.

func (*SimulatedClock) AdvanceTime

func (sc *SimulatedClock) AdvanceTime(d time.Duration)

Advance the current time according to the clock by the supplied duration.

func (*SimulatedClock) Now

func (sc *SimulatedClock) Now() time.Time

func (*SimulatedClock) SetTime

func (sc *SimulatedClock) SetTime(t time.Time)

Set the current time according to the clock.

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