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type Factory

type Factory struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Factory is the default logging wrapper that can create logger instances either for a given Context or context-less.

func NewFactory

func NewFactory(logger *zap.Logger) Factory

NewFactory creates a new Factory.

func (Factory) Bg

func (b Factory) Bg() Logger

Bg creates a context-unaware logger.

func (Factory) For

func (b Factory) For(ctx context.Context) Logger

For returns a context-aware Logger. If the context contains an OpenTracing span, all logging calls are also echo-ed into the span.

func (Factory) With

func (b Factory) With(fields ...zapcore.Field) Factory

With creates a child logger, and optionally adds some context fields to that logger.

type Logger

type Logger interface {
	Info(msg string, fields ...zapcore.Field)
	Error(msg string, fields ...zapcore.Field)
	Fatal(msg string, fields ...zapcore.Field)
	With(fields ...zapcore.Field) Logger

Logger is a simplified abstraction of the zap.Logger

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