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func ContextIsDone

func ContextIsDone(ctx context.Context) bool

ContextIsDone returns true if the supplied context is reporting that it is done.

func GetShuffledIntList

func GetShuffledIntList(size int) []int

GetShuffledIntList returns a list of contiguous sudo-randomly shuffled integers n, where n[i] is in [1, size].

func Logf

func Logf(format string, v ...interface{}) chromedp.Action

Logf is an adapter for `log.Printf` which can be used as a chromedp.Action.


type Pacer

type Pacer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

A Pacer provides a means of pausing program execution for a period of time.

func SetNormalPace

func SetNormalPace(mu, sigma float64, basis time.Duration) *Pacer

SetNormalPace returns a Pace where mu is the average wait time, sigma is the standard deviation of the wait time, and basis is the wait-time unit duration.

func SetUniformPace

func SetUniformPace(min, max float64, basis time.Duration) *Pacer

SetUniformPace returns a pace where the wait time is uniformly distributed between min and max, and basis is the wait-time unit duration.

func (*Pacer) Wait

func (p *Pacer) Wait()

Wait blocks until the time since the last call has exceeded a minimum pacing duration. The pace duration is centered around a mean wait time plus or minus a normally distributed jitter period.

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