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package tekton_helpers_test

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Published: Apr 15, 2019 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func AssertLoadPipeline

func AssertLoadPipeline(t *testing.T, dir string) *v1alpha1.Pipeline

AssertLoadPipeline reads a file containing a Pipeline and returns that Pipeline

func AssertLoadPipelineActivity

func AssertLoadPipelineActivity(t *testing.T, dir string) *v1.PipelineActivity

AssertLoadPipelineActivity reads a file containing a PipelineActivity and returns that PipelineActivity

func AssertLoadPipelineResources

func AssertLoadPipelineResources(t *testing.T, dir string) *v1alpha1.PipelineResourceList

AssertLoadPipelineResources reads a file containing a PipelineResourceList and returns that PipelineResourceList

func AssertLoadPipelineRun

func AssertLoadPipelineRun(t *testing.T, dir string) *v1alpha1.PipelineRun

AssertLoadPipelineRun reads a file containing a PipelineRun and returns that PipelineRun

func AssertLoadPipelineStructure

func AssertLoadPipelineStructure(t *testing.T, dir string) *v1.PipelineStructure

AssertLoadPipelineStructure reads a file containing a PipelineStructure and returns that PipelineStructure

func AssertLoadPods

func AssertLoadPods(t *testing.T, dir string) *corev1.PodList

AssertLoadPods reads a file containing a PodList and returns that PodList

func AssertLoadTaskRuns

func AssertLoadTaskRuns(t *testing.T, dir string) *v1alpha1.TaskRunList

AssertLoadTaskRuns reads a file containing a TaskRunList and returns that TaskRunList

func AssertLoadTasks

func AssertLoadTasks(t *testing.T, dir string) *v1alpha1.TaskList

AssertLoadTasks reads a file containing a TaskList and returns that TaskList

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