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var (
	// Base is a base addon containing Kubernetes clients
	Base = &base.Base{}


func DeprovisionGlobals

func DeprovisionGlobals(cfg *config.Config) error

DeprovisionGlobals deprovisions all of the global addons. This should be called by the test suite in a SynchronizedAfterSuite to ensure all global addons are cleaned up after a run.

func GlobalLogs

func GlobalLogs() (map[string]string, error)

func InitGlobals

func InitGlobals(cfg *config.Config)

InitGlobals actually allocates the addon values that are defined above. We do this here so that we can access the suites config structure during the definition of global addons.

func ProvisionGlobals

func ProvisionGlobals(cfg *config.Config) error

ProvisionGlobals provisions all of the global addons, including calling Setup. This should be called by the test suite entrypoint in a SynchronizedBeforeSuite block to ensure it is run once per suite.

func SetupGlobals

func SetupGlobals(cfg *config.Config) error

SetupGlobals will call Setup on all of the global addons, but not provision. This should be called by the test suite entrypoint in a BeforeSuite block on all ginkgo nodes to ensure global instances are configured for each test runner.


type Addon

type Addon interface {
	Setup(*config.Config) error
	Provision() error
	Deprovision() error
	SupportsGlobal() bool

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Path Synopsis
base Package base implements a basis for plugins that need to use the Kubernetes API to build upon.
vault package vault contains an addon that installs Vault