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type DeploymentConfigController

type DeploymentConfigController struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeploymentConfigController is responsible for creating a new deployment when:

  1. The config version is > 0 and,
  2. No existing deployment for that version exists.

The responsibility of constructing a new deployment resource from a config is delegated. See util.MakeDeployment for more details. The new deployment will have DesiredReplicasAnnotation set to the desired replica count for the new deployment based on the replica count of the previous/active deployment.

Use the DeploymentConfigControllerFactory to create this controller.

func (*DeploymentConfigController) Handle

Handle processes config and creates a new deployment if necessary.

type DeploymentConfigControllerFactory

type DeploymentConfigControllerFactory struct {
	// Client is an OpenShift client.
	Client osclient.Interface
	// KubeClient is a Kubernetes client.
	KubeClient kclient.Interface
	// Codec is used to encode/decode.
	Codec runtime.Codec

DeploymentConfigControllerFactory can create a DeploymentConfigController which obtains DeploymentConfigs from a queue populated from a watch of all DeploymentConfigs.

func (*DeploymentConfigControllerFactory) Create

Create creates a DeploymentConfigController.

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