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Package scheduler contains a generic Scheduler interface and several implementations.



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type FakeMinionLister

type FakeMinionLister api.NodeList

FakeMinionLister implements MinionLister on a []string for test purposes.

func (FakeMinionLister) List

func (f FakeMinionLister) List() (api.NodeList, error)

List returns minions as a []string.

type FakePodLister

type FakePodLister []*api.Pod

FakePodLister implements PodLister on an []api.Pods for test purposes.

func (FakePodLister) List

func (f FakePodLister) List(s labels.Selector) (selected []*api.Pod, err error)

List returns []*api.Pod matching a query.

type FakeServiceLister

type FakeServiceLister []api.Service

FakeServiceLister implements ServiceLister on []api.Service for test purposes.

func (FakeServiceLister) GetPodServices

func (f FakeServiceLister) GetPodServices(pod *api.Pod) (services []api.Service, err error)

GetPodServices gets the services that have the selector that match the labels on the given pod

func (FakeServiceLister) List

func (f FakeServiceLister) List() (api.ServiceList, error)

FakeServiceLister returns api.ServiceList, the list of all services.

type FitPredicate

type FitPredicate func(pod *api.Pod, existingPods []*api.Pod, node string) (bool, error)

FitPredicate is a function that indicates if a pod fits into an existing node.

type HostPriority

type HostPriority struct {
	Host  string
	Score int

HostPriority represents the priority of scheduling to a particular host, lower priority is better.

type HostPriorityList

type HostPriorityList []HostPriority

func (HostPriorityList) Len

func (h HostPriorityList) Len() int

func (HostPriorityList) Less

func (h HostPriorityList) Less(i, j int) bool

func (HostPriorityList) Swap

func (h HostPriorityList) Swap(i, j int)

type MinionLister

type MinionLister interface {
	List() (list api.NodeList, err error)

MinionLister interface represents anything that can list minions for a scheduler.

type PodLister

type PodLister interface {
	// TODO: make this exactly the same as client's Pods(ns).List() method, by returning a api.PodList
	List(labels.Selector) ([]*api.Pod, error)

PodLister interface represents anything that can list pods for a scheduler.

type PriorityConfig

type PriorityConfig struct {
	Function PriorityFunction
	Weight   int

type PriorityFunction

type PriorityFunction func(pod *api.Pod, podLister PodLister, minionLister MinionLister) (HostPriorityList, error)

type ScheduleAlgorithm

type ScheduleAlgorithm interface {
	Schedule(*api.Pod, MinionLister) (selectedMachine string, err error)

Scheduler is an interface implemented by things that know how to schedule pods onto machines.

type ServiceLister

type ServiceLister interface {
	// Lists all the services
	List() (api.ServiceList, error)
	// Gets the services for the given pod
	GetPodServices(*api.Pod) ([]api.Service, error)

ServiceLister interface represents anything that can produce a list of services; the list is consumed by a scheduler.


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