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func NewMySQLBackend

func NewMySQLBackend(conf map[string]string, logger log.Logger) (physical.Backend, error)

NewMySQLBackend constructs a MySQL backend using the given API client and server address and credential for accessing mysql database.


type MySQLBackend

type MySQLBackend struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MySQLBackend is a physical backend that stores data within MySQL database.

func (*MySQLBackend) Delete

func (m *MySQLBackend) Delete(key string) error

Delete is used to permanently delete an entry

func (*MySQLBackend) Get

func (m *MySQLBackend) Get(key string) (*physical.Entry, error)

Get is used to fetch and entry.

func (*MySQLBackend) List

func (m *MySQLBackend) List(prefix string) ([]string, error)

List is used to list all the keys under a given prefix, up to the next prefix.

func (*MySQLBackend) Put

func (m *MySQLBackend) Put(entry *physical.Entry) error

Put is used to insert or update an entry.

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