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Published: Sep 11, 2017 | License: MIT | Module:


Package amzn contains AWS-specific implementation.



var (
	// AWSSession returns an AWS session that can be used for
	// AWS operations. The calling program can override this
	// if necessary. The default implementation returns a session
	// with defaults obtained from the environment.
	AWSSession func() *session.Session

func GenerateDataKey

func GenerateDataKey(keyID string) (dataKey string, keyARN string, err error)

GenerateDataKey generates a new data encryption key that can be used in the configuration file.

func Get

func Get(bucket, key string) (etag string, modified time.Time, body io.ReadCloser, err error)

Get the contents of an S3 bucket. The caller is responsible for closing the body.

func HasChanged

func HasChanged(bucket, key string, etag string) (changed bool, err error)

HasChanged determines whether the S3 object has changed.

func Head(bucket, key string) (etag string, modified time.Time, err error)

Head the contents of an S3 bucket.

func NewKey

func NewKey(node ast.Node) (encryption.Key, error)

NewKey creates a new data encryption key based on the contents of the configuration file.

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