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const (
	// Magic constant for `ggml` files (unversioned).
	FILE_MAGIC_GGML = 0x67676d6c
	// Magic constant for `ggml` files (versioned, ggmf).
	FILE_MAGIC_GGMF = 0x67676d66
	// Magic constant for `ggml` files (versioned, ggjt).
	FILE_MAGIC_GGJT = 0x67676a74
	// Magic constant for `ggla` files (LoRA adapter).
	FILE_MAGIC_GGLA = 0x67676C61
	// Magic constant for `gguf` files (versioned, gguf)
	FILE_MAGIC_GGUF_LE = 0x46554747
	FILE_MAGIC_GGUF_BE = 0x47475546


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var ErrUnsupportedFormat = errors.New("unsupported model format")


func Init added in v0.1.18

func Init(workdir string) error

Give any native cgo implementations an opportunity to initialize


type DetokenizeRequest added in v0.0.18

type DetokenizeRequest struct {
	Tokens []int `json:"tokens"`

type DetokenizeResponse added in v0.0.18

type DetokenizeResponse struct {
	Content string `json:"content"`

type EmbeddingRequest added in v0.0.18

type EmbeddingRequest struct {
	Content string `json:"content"`

type EmbeddingResponse added in v0.0.18

type EmbeddingResponse struct {
	Embedding []float64 `json:"embedding"`

type GGML

type GGML struct {
	Size int64
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func DecodeGGML

func DecodeGGML(r io.ReadSeeker) (*GGML, error)

type ImageData added in v0.1.15

type ImageData struct {
	Data []byte `json:"data"`
	ID   int    `json:"id"`

type LLM

type LLM interface {
	Predict(context.Context, PredictOpts, func(PredictResult)) error
	Embedding(context.Context, string) ([]float64, error)
	Encode(context.Context, string) ([]int, error)
	Decode(context.Context, []int) (string, error)

func New

func New(workDir, model string, adapters, projectors []string, opts api.Options) (LLM, error)

type PredictOpts added in v0.1.14

type PredictOpts struct {
	Prompt  string
	Format  string
	Images  []ImageData
	Options api.Options

type PredictResult added in v0.1.14

type PredictResult struct {
	Content            string
	Done               bool
	PromptEvalCount    int
	PromptEvalDuration time.Duration
	EvalCount          int
	EvalDuration       time.Duration

type TokenizeRequest added in v0.0.18

type TokenizeRequest struct {
	Content string `json:"content"`

type TokenizeResponse added in v0.0.18

type TokenizeResponse struct {
	Tokens []int `json:"tokens"`


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