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const (
	NetworkDiagnosticName = "NetworkCheck"


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func GetNetworkDiagnosticsPod

func GetNetworkDiagnosticsPod(diagnosticsImage, command, podName, nodeName string) *kapi.Pod

func GetTestPod

func GetTestPod(testPodImage, testPodProtocol, podName, nodeName string, testPodPort int) *kapi.Pod

func GetTestService

func GetTestService(serviceName, podName, podProtocol, nodeName string, podPort int) *kapi.Service


type NetworkDiagnostic

type NetworkDiagnostic struct {
	KubeClient           kclientset.Interface
	NetNamespacesClient  networktypedclient.NetNamespacesGetter
	ClusterNetworkClient networktypedclient.ClusterNetworksGetter
	ClientFlags          *flag.FlagSet
	Level                int
	Factory              *osclientcmd.Factory
	PreventModification  bool
	LogDir               string
	PodImage             string
	TestPodImage         string
	TestPodProtocol      string
	TestPodPort          int
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

NetworkDiagnostic is a diagnostic that runs a network diagnostic pod and relays the results.

func (*NetworkDiagnostic) CanRun

func (d *NetworkDiagnostic) CanRun() (bool, error)

CanRun is part of the Diagnostic interface; it determines if the conditions are right to run this diagnostic.

func (*NetworkDiagnostic) Check

Check is part of the Diagnostic interface; it runs the actual diagnostic logic

func (*NetworkDiagnostic) Cleanup

func (d *NetworkDiagnostic) Cleanup()

func (*NetworkDiagnostic) CollectNetworkInfo

func (d *NetworkDiagnostic) CollectNetworkInfo(diagsFailed bool) error

func (*NetworkDiagnostic) CollectNetworkPodLogs

func (d *NetworkDiagnostic) CollectNetworkPodLogs() error

func (*NetworkDiagnostic) Description

func (d *NetworkDiagnostic) Description() string

Description is part of the Diagnostic interface and provides a user-focused description of what the diagnostic does.

func (*NetworkDiagnostic) Name

func (d *NetworkDiagnostic) Name() string

Name is part of the Diagnostic interface and just returns name.

func (*NetworkDiagnostic) TestSetup

func (d *NetworkDiagnostic) TestSetup() error

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