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func GenerateAndServeCRMetrics

func GenerateAndServeCRMetrics(cfg *rest.Config,
	ns []string,
	operatorGVKs []schema.GroupVersionKind,
	host string, port int32) error

GenerateAndServeCRMetrics generates CustomResource specific metrics for each custom resource GVK in operatorGVKs. A list of namespaces, ns, can be passed to ServeCRMetrics to scope the generated metrics. Passing nil or an empty list of namespaces will result in an error. The function also starts serving the generated collections of the metrics on given host and port.

func NewCollectors

func NewCollectors(dclient dynamic.NamespaceableResourceInterface, namespaces []string, api string, kind string, metricFamily []metric.FamilyGenerator) []kcollector.Collector

NewCollectors returns collections of metrics in the namespaces provided, per the api/kind resource. The metrics are registered in the custom generateStore function that needs to be defined.

func ServeMetrics

func ServeMetrics(collectors [][]kcollector.Collector, host string, port int32)


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