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Published: Aug 10, 2021 License: Apache-2.0, BSD-3-Clause, MIT Imports: 8 Imported by: 0




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func CoGBK

func CoGBK() *beam.Pipeline

CoGBK tests CoGBK.

func Flatten

func Flatten() *beam.Pipeline

Flatten tests flatten.

func FlattenDup

func FlattenDup() *beam.Pipeline

FlattenDups tests flatten with the same input multiple times.

func ParDoKVSideInput

func ParDoKVSideInput() *beam.Pipeline

ParDoKVSideInput computes the sum of ints using a KV side input.

func ParDoMultiOutput

func ParDoMultiOutput() *beam.Pipeline

ParDoMultiOutput test a DoFn with multiple output.

func ParDoSideInput

func ParDoSideInput() *beam.Pipeline

ParDoSideInput computes the sum of ints using a side input.

func Reshuffle

func Reshuffle() *beam.Pipeline

Reshuffle tests Reshuffle.

func ReshuffleKV

func ReshuffleKV() *beam.Pipeline

ReshuffleKV tests Reshuffle with KV PCollections.

func WindowSums

func WindowSums(s beam.Scope, sumPerKey func(beam.Scope, beam.PCollection) beam.PCollection)

WindowsSums produces a pipeline that generates the numbers of a 3x3 magic square, and configures the pipeline so that PCollection. Sum is a closure to handle summing data over the window, in a few conditions.

func WindowSums_GBK

func WindowSums_GBK(s beam.Scope)

func WindowSums_Lifted

func WindowSums_Lifted(s beam.Scope)


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