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var (
	// WantInjectAnnotation is the annotation that specifies that a particular
	// object wants injection of CAs.  It takes the form of a reference to a certificate
	// as namespace/name.  The certificate is expected to have the is-serving-for annotations.
	WantInjectAnnotation = ""

	// WantInjectAPIServerCAAnnotation, if set to "true", will make the cainjector
	// inject the CA certificate for the Kubernetes apiserver into the resource.
	// It discovers the apiserver's CA by inspecting the service account credentials
	// mounted into the
	WantInjectAPIServerCAAnnotation = ""
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var (
	MutatingWebhookSetup = injectorSetup{
							// contains filtered or unexported fields

	ValidatingWebhookSetup = injectorSetup{
							// contains filtered or unexported fields

	APIServiceSetup = injectorSetup{
					// contains filtered or unexported fields

	ControllerNames []string


func OwningCertForSecret

func OwningCertForSecret(secret *corev1.Secret) *types.NamespacedName

OwningCertForSecret gets the name of the owning certificate for a given secret, returning nil if no such object exists. Right now, this actually uses a label instead of owner refs, since certmanager doesn't set owner refs on secrets.

func Register

func Register(mgr ctrl.Manager, setup injectorSetup) error

Register registers an injection controller with the given manager, and adds relevant indicies.

func RegisterAll

func RegisterAll(mgr ctrl.Manager) error

RegisterALL registers all known injection controllers with the given manager, and adds relevant indicides.


type CertInjector

type CertInjector interface {
	// NewTarget creates a new InjectTarget containing an empty underlying object.
	NewTarget() InjectTarget

CertInjector knows how to create an instance of an InjectTarget for some particular type of inject target. For instance, an implementation might create a InjectTarget containing an empty MutatingWebhookConfiguration. The underlying API object can be populated (via AsObject) using client.Client#Get, and then CAs can be injected with Injectables (representing the various individual webhooks in the config) retrieved with Services.

type InjectTarget

type InjectTarget interface {
	// AsObject returns this injectable as an object.
	// It should be a pointer suitable for mutation.
	AsObject() runtime.Object

	// SetCA sets the CA of this target to the given certificate data (in the standard
	// PEM format used across Kubernetes).  In cases where multiple CA fields exist per
	// target (like admission webhook configs), all CAs are set to the given value.
	SetCA(data []byte)

InjectTarget is a Kubernetes API object that has one or more references to Kubernetes Services with corresponding fields for CA bundles.

type Injectable

type Injectable interface {

Injectable is a point in a Kubernetes API object that represents a Kubernetes Service reference with a corresponding spot for a CA bundle.

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