Package version contains versioning information for juju. It also acts as guardian of the current client Juju version number.



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    const (
    	// TreeStateDirty when the build was made with a dirty checkout.
    	TreeStateDirty = "dirty"
    	// TreeStateClean when the build was made with a clean checkout.
    	TreeStateClean = "clean"
    	// TreeStateArchive when the build was made outside of a git checkout.
    	TreeStateArchive = "archive"
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    const UserAgentVersion = "Juju/" + version

      UserAgentVersion defines a user agent version used for communication for outside resources.


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      var Compiler = runtime.Compiler

        Compiler is the go compiler used to build the binary.

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        var Current = semversion.MustParse(version)

          Current gives the current version of the system. If the file "FORCE-VERSION" is present in the same directory as the running binary, it will override this.

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          var GitCommit string

            GitCommit represents the git commit sha used to build the binary. Generated by the Makefile.

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            var GitTreeState string = TreeStateDirty

              GitTreeState is "clean" when built from a working copy that matches the GitCommit treeish. Generated by the Makefile.

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              var OfficialBuild = mustParseBuildInt(build)

                OfficialBuild is a monotonic number injected by Jenkins.


                func CheckJujuMinVersion

                func CheckJujuMinVersion(toCheck semversion.Number, jujuVersion semversion.Number) (err error)

                  CheckJujuMinVersion returns an error if the specified version to check is less than the current Juju version.

                  func DefaultSupportedLTS

                  func DefaultSupportedLTS() string

                    DefaultSupportedLTS returns the latest LTS that Juju supports and is compatible with.

                    func IsDev

                    func IsDev(v semversion.Number) bool

                      IsDev returns whether the version represents a development version. A version with a tag or a nonzero build component is considered to be a development version. Versions older than or equal to 1.19.3 (the switch over time) check for odd minor versions.

                      func IsMinVersionError

                      func IsMinVersionError(err error) bool

                        IsMinVersionError returns true if the given error was caused by the charm having a minjujuversion higher than the juju model's version.


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