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func IBytes

func IBytes(value int64) string

IBytes is an int64 version of go-humanize's IBytes.

func NewBytesValue

func NewBytesValue(val *int64) pflag.Value

NewBytesValue creates a new pflag.Value bound to the specified int64 variable. It also happens to be a flag.Value.

func ParseBytes

func ParseBytes(s string) (int64, error)

ParseBytes is an int64 version of go-humanize's ParseBytes.


type BytesValue

type BytesValue struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

BytesValue is a struct that implements flag.Value and pflag.Value suitable to create command-line parameters that accept sizes specified using a format recognized by humanize. The value is written atomically, so that it is safe to use this struct to make a parameter configurable that is used by an asynchronous process spawned before command-line argument handling. This is useful e.g. for the log file settings which are used by the asynchronous log file GC daemon.

func (*BytesValue) Set

func (b *BytesValue) Set(s string) error

Set implements the flag.Value and pflag.Value interfaces.

func (*BytesValue) String

func (b *BytesValue) String() string

String implements the flag.Value and pflag.Value interfaces.

func (*BytesValue) Type

func (b *BytesValue) Type() string

Type implements the pflag.Value interface.

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