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seqls       GitHub version

A command-line utility, using gofileseq, to list file sequences.

Example sequence formats

  • /path/to/some/file_foo.0100.exr
  • /path/to/some/file_foo.1-100#.jpg
  • /path/to/some/file_foo.1-100@@@.tif
  • relative_file.1-10,50-100x2#.tif
  • file_without_frame.ext


# list the current directory, with rolled up sequences

# *only* list sequences, and not single files without frame patterns
seqls -s 

# long listing of all sequences in current dir
seqls -l

# long listing, with absolute (full) paths
seqls -lf

# long listing, with absolute (full) paths, and human-readable file sizes
seqls -lfH

# long listing of all files (even those without frame #)
seqls -la

# recursively list all files from the current dir, down
seqls -ra

# list sequences in two locations 
seqls /some/absolute/path some/rel/path

# Pattern matching to ${base}${pad}${ext}
seqls /path/to/filesequence.#.exr 
seqls relative/path/to/files.#.jpg another/relative/set/of/files.#.exr



seqls - list directory contents, rolled up into file sequences

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