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const (
	EtcdCreate = "create"
	EtcdGet    = "get"
	EtcdSet    = "set"
	EtcdCAS    = "compareAndSwap"
	EtcdDelete = "delete"

Etcd watch event actions


This section is empty.


func EtcdHealthCheck

func EtcdHealthCheck(data []byte) error

func GetEtcdVersion

func GetEtcdVersion(host string) (string, error)

GetEtcdVersion performs a version check against the provided Etcd server, returning the string response, and error (if any).

func IsEtcdNodeExist

func IsEtcdNodeExist(err error) bool

IsEtcdNodeExist returns true iff err is an etcd node already exist error.

func IsEtcdNotFound

func IsEtcdNotFound(err error) bool

IsEtcdNotFound returns true iff err is an etcd not found error.

func IsEtcdTestFailed

func IsEtcdTestFailed(err error) bool

IsEtcdTestFailed returns true iff err is an etcd write conflict.

func IsEtcdWatchStoppedByUser

func IsEtcdWatchStoppedByUser(err error) bool

IsEtcdWatchStoppedByUser returns true iff err is a client triggered stop.

func NewEtcdClientStartServerIfNecessary

func NewEtcdClientStartServerIfNecessary(server string) (tools.EtcdClient, error)

func NewEtcdStorage

func NewEtcdStorage(client tools.EtcdClient, codec runtime.Codec, prefix string) storage.Interface


type APIObjectVersioner

type APIObjectVersioner struct{}

APIObjectVersioner implements versioning and extracting etcd node information for objects that have an embedded ObjectMeta or ListMeta field.

func (APIObjectVersioner) ObjectResourceVersion

func (a APIObjectVersioner) ObjectResourceVersion(obj runtime.Object) (uint64, error)

ObjectResourceVersion implements Versioner

func (APIObjectVersioner) UpdateList

func (a APIObjectVersioner) UpdateList(obj runtime.Object, resourceVersion uint64) error

UpdateList implements Versioner

func (APIObjectVersioner) UpdateObject

func (a APIObjectVersioner) UpdateObject(obj runtime.Object, expiration *time.Time, resourceVersion uint64) error

UpdateObject implements Versioner

type TransformFunc

type TransformFunc func(runtime.Object) (runtime.Object, error)

TransformFunc attempts to convert an object to another object for use with a watcher.

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