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Published: Aug 25, 2017 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 12 Imported by: 0


'i2c-testboard' smoke test

Verifies that a DS2483 and an EEPROM can be accessed on the bus. Typically used with the periph-tester board.

Requires a gpio pin to be tied to the EEPROM's write control (active low write enable).

Example output running on an Odroid-C1:

# ./periph-smoketest -v i2c-testboard -wc 83
20:29:14.241551 Using drivers:
20:29:14.241964 - sysfs-led
20:29:14.242056 - sysfs-thermal
20:29:14.242149 - sysfs-i2c
20:29:14.242264 - sysfs-gpio
20:29:14.242362 - sysfs-spi
20:29:14.242434 - odroid-c1
20:29:14.242511 Drivers skipped:
20:29:14.242591 - bcm283x-gpio: bcm283x CPU not detected
20:29:14.242685 - allwinner-gpio: Allwinner CPU not detected
20:29:14.242765 - chip: dependency not loaded: "allwinner-gpio"
20:29:14.242835 - rpi: dependency not loaded: "bcm283x-gpio"
20:29:14.242909 - allwinner-gpio-pl: dependency not loaded: "allwinner-gpio"
20:29:14.242988 - pine64: dependency not loaded: "allwinner-gpio-pl"
20:29:14.243421 i2c-smoke: random number seed 1479961754243306323
20:29:14.249073 i2c-smoke writing&reading EEPROM byte 0xcb
20:29:14.289290 i2c-smoke writing&reading EEPROM page 0x60
20:29:14.324772 Test i2c-testboard successful



Package i2csmoketest is leveraged by periph-smoketest to verify that an I²C EEPROM device and a DS2483 device can be accessed on an I²C bus.

This assumes the presence of the periph-tester board, which includes these two devices. See https://github.com/tve/periph-tester



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type SmokeTest

type SmokeTest struct {

SmokeTest is imported by periph-smoketest.

func (*SmokeTest) Description

func (s *SmokeTest) Description() string

Description implements the SmokeTest interface.

func (*SmokeTest) Name

func (s *SmokeTest) Name() string

Name implements the SmokeTest interface.

func (*SmokeTest) Run

func (s *SmokeTest) Run(args []string) error

Run implements the SmokeTest interface.

func (*SmokeTest) String

func (s *SmokeTest) String() string

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