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const (
	NetworkDiagNamespacePrefix       = "network-diag-ns"
	NetworkDiagGlobalNamespacePrefix = "network-diag-global-ns"
	NetworkDiagPodNamePrefix         = "network-diag-pod"
	NetworkDiagSCCNamePrefix         = "network-diag-privileged"
	NetworkDiagSecretName            = "network-diag-secret"

	NetworkDiagTestPodNamePrefix      = "network-diag-test-pod"
	NetworkDiagTestServiceNamePrefix  = "network-diag-test-service"
	NetworkDiagContainerMountPath     = "/host"
	NetworkDiagDefaultLogDir          = "/tmp/openshift/"
	NetworkDiagNodeLogDirPrefix       = "/nodes"
	NetworkDiagMasterLogDirPrefix     = "/master"
	NetworkDiagPodLogDirPrefix        = "/pods"
	NetworkDiagDefaultTestPodProtocol = string(kapi.ProtocolTCP)
	NetworkDiagDefaultTestPodPort     = 8080


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func Execute

func Execute(restClientGetter genericclioptions.RESTClientGetter, command []string, pod *kapi.Pod, in io.Reader, out, errOut io.Writer) error

Execute() will run a command in a pod and streams the out/err

func ExpectedConnectionStatus

func ExpectedConnectionStatus(ns1, ns2 string, vnidMap map[string]uint32) bool

Determine expected connection status for the given pods true indicates success and false means failure

func GetGlobalAndNonGlobalPods

func GetGlobalAndNonGlobalPods(pods []kapi.Pod, vnidMap map[string]uint32) ([]kapi.Pod, []kapi.Pod)

func GetLocalAndNonLocalDiagnosticPods

func GetLocalAndNonLocalDiagnosticPods(kubeClient kclientset.Interface) ([]kapi.Pod, []kapi.Pod, error)

Get local/non-local pods in network diagnostic namespaces

func GetLocalNode

func GetLocalNode(kubeClient kclientset.Interface) (*kapi.Node, string, error)

func GetNetworkDiagDefaultPodImage

func GetNetworkDiagDefaultPodImage() string

func GetNetworkDiagDefaultTestPodImage

func GetNetworkDiagDefaultTestPodImage() string

func GetNodes

func GetNodes(kubeClient kclientset.Interface) ([]kapi.Node, error)

func GetOpenShiftNetworkPlugin

func GetOpenShiftNetworkPlugin(clusterNetworkClient networktypedclient.ClusterNetworksGetter) (string, bool, error)

func GetSchedulableNodes

func GetSchedulableNodes(kubeClient kclientset.Interface) ([]kapi.Node, error)

func PrintPod

func PrintPod(pod *kapi.Pod) string


type LogInterface

type LogInterface struct {
	Result types.DiagnosticResult
	Logdir string

func (*LogInterface) LogMaster

func (l *LogInterface) LogMaster()

func (*LogInterface) LogNode

func (l *LogInterface) LogNode(kubeClient kclientset.Interface, runtime *Runtime)

func (*LogInterface) LogServices

func (l *LogInterface) LogServices()

func (*LogInterface) LogSystem

func (l *LogInterface) LogSystem()

func (*LogInterface) Run

func (l *LogInterface) Run(cmd, outfile string)

type Runtime

type Runtime struct {
	Name     string
	Type     string
	Endpoint string

func GetRuntime

func GetRuntime(kubeClient kclientset.Interface) (*Runtime, error)

func (*Runtime) GetContainerID

func (r *Runtime) GetContainerID(data string) (string, error)

func (*Runtime) GetContainerPid

func (r *Runtime) GetContainerPid(data string) (string, error)

func (*Runtime) GetRuntimeVersion

func (r *Runtime) GetRuntimeVersion() (string, error)

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