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type HelloController

type HelloController struct{}

HelloController is our sample controller it handles GET: /hello and GET: /hello/{name}

func (*HelloController) Get

func (c *HelloController) Get() mvc.Result

Get will return a predefined view with bind data.

`mvc.Result` is just an interface with a `Dispatch` function. `mvc.Response` and `mvc.View` are the builtin result type dispatchers you can even create custom response dispatchers by implementing the `` interface.

func (*HelloController) GetBy

func (c *HelloController) GetBy(name string) mvc.Result

GetBy returns a "Hello {name}" response. Demos: curl -i http://localhost:8080/hello/iris curl -i http://localhost:8080/hello/anything

type MovieController

type MovieController struct {
	// Our MovieService, it's an interface which
	// is binded from the main application.
	Service services.MovieService

MovieController is our /movies controller.

func (*MovieController) DeleteBy

func (c *MovieController) DeleteBy(id int64) interface{}

DeleteBy deletes a movie. Demo: curl -i -X DELETE -u admin:password http://localhost:8080/movies/1

func (*MovieController) Get

func (c *MovieController) Get() (results []datamodels.Movie)

Get returns list of the movies. Demo: curl -i http://localhost:8080/movies

The correct way if you have sensitive data:

func (c *MovieController) Get() (results []viewmodels.Movie) {
	data := c.Service.GetAll()

	for _, movie := range data {
		results = append(results, viewmodels.Movie{movie})

otherwise just return the datamodels.

func (*MovieController) GetBy

func (c *MovieController) GetBy(id int64) (movie datamodels.Movie, found bool)

GetBy returns a movie. Demo: curl -i http://localhost:8080/movies/1

func (*MovieController) PutBy

func (c *MovieController) PutBy(ctx iris.Context, id int64) (datamodels.Movie, error)

PutBy updates a movie. Demo: curl -i -X PUT -F "genre=Thriller" -F "poster=@/Users/kataras/Downloads/out.gif" http://localhost:8080/movies/1

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