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Published: Feb 19, 2018 License: MIT Imports: 13 Imported by: 0


ripgrep plus

rgp wraps ripgrep to add google like queries to patterns. You can now do queries like

$ rgp repo:myservice -file:test.go io.Writer case:yes

and it will search across all your local code. Just like sourcegraph, zoekt or chromium codesearch does.




Ensure ripgrep is on your path https://github.com/BurntSushi/ripgrep#installation

# Install with go toolchain
go get github.com/keegancsmith/rgp

# Add to your .bashrc, for now just eval locally. These are folder roots
# contains clones of repos. Similiar to PATH or GOPATH, etc.
export SRCPATH=$HOME/src:$HOME/go/src


This is an early release, so bugs, perf and code cleanliness will come.

I want to use this in my editor to quickly jump between projects, files, search results all from a unified interface. Initially this would likely be an emacs package (via ivy). But vscode would also be interesting to support.


  • Why use google like patterns? I find it much more natural to build the pattern this way, vs having to jump around previous commands to insert the correct flags. This tool also provides tooling around quickly picking a repo to search / searching across multiple repos.

  • Why SRCPATH? Hopefully this can become a standard for other tooling to start using (any tool that needs to discover where you keep your code locally, eg IDEs). It follows the same pattern used by many other unix tools.

  • Why go? I am proficient in it. I'll likely learn some rust so it potentially better interoperates with ripgrep. Or I'll embed a go tool which is also fast at searching like pt.


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