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const (
	RoleAlreadyExistsError = "Please choose a different name"


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type EKS

type EKS struct {
	Client eksiface.EKSAPI

func NewEKS

func NewEKS(region string) *EKS

func (*EKS) DescribeCluster

func (e *EKS) DescribeCluster(ctx context.Context, clusterName string) (*eks.DescribeClusterOutput, error)

    DescribeCluster function provides cluster info

    type EKSIface

    type EKSIface interface {
    	DescribeCluster(ctx context.Context, clusterName string)

    type IAM

    type IAM struct {
    	Client iamiface.IAMAPI

    func NewIAM

    func NewIAM(region string) *IAM

    func (*IAM) AddPermissionBoundary

    func (i *IAM) AddPermissionBoundary(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest) error

      AddPermissionBoundary adds permission boundary to the existing roles

      func (*IAM) AttachInlineRolePolicy

      func (i *IAM) AttachInlineRolePolicy(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest) (*IAMRoleResponse, error)

        AttachInlineRolePolicy function attaches inline policy to the role

        func (*IAM) AttachManagedRolePolicy

        func (i *IAM) AttachManagedRolePolicy(ctx context.Context, policyArn string, roleName string) error

          AttachManagedRolePolicy function attaches managed policy to the role

          func (*IAM) CreateOIDCProvider

          func (i *IAM) CreateOIDCProvider(ctx context.Context, url string, aud string, certThumpPrint string) error

            CreateOIDCProvider creates OIDC IDP provider with AWS IAM

            func (*IAM) CreateRole

            func (i *IAM) CreateRole(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest) (*IAMRoleResponse, error)

              CreateRole creates/updates the role

              func (*IAM) DeleteInlinePolicy

              func (i *IAM) DeleteInlinePolicy(ctx context.Context, policyName string, roleName string) error

                DeleteInlinePolicy function deletes inline policy

                func (*IAM) DeleteRole

                func (i *IAM) DeleteRole(ctx context.Context, roleName string) error

                  DeleteRole function deletes the role in the account

                  func (*IAM) DetachRolePolicy

                  func (i *IAM) DetachRolePolicy(ctx context.Context, policyArn string, roleName string) error

                    DetachRolePolicy detaches a policy from role

                    func (*IAM) GetRole

                    func (i *IAM) GetRole(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest) (*iam.GetRoleOutput, error)

                      GetRole gets the role from aws iam

                      func (*IAM) GetRolePolicy

                      func (i *IAM) GetRolePolicy(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest) (*string, error)

                        GetRolePolicy gets the role from aws iam

                        func (*IAM) TagRole

                        func (i *IAM) TagRole(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest) (*IAMRoleResponse, error)

                          TagRole tags role with appropriate tags

                          func (*IAM) UpdateRole

                          func (i *IAM) UpdateRole(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest) (*IAMRoleResponse, error)

                            UpdateRole updates role

                            func (*IAM) VerifyTags

                            func (i *IAM) VerifyTags(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest) (*IAMRoleResponse, error)

                              VerifyTags function verifies the tags attached to the role

                              type IAMIface

                              type IAMIface interface {
                              	CreateRole(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest)
                              	UpdateRole(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest)
                              	DeleteRole(ctx context.Context, roleName string)
                              	AttachInlineRolePolicy(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest)
                              	AddPermissionBoundary(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest) error
                              	GetRolePolicy(ctx context.Context, req IAMRoleRequest) bool

                                IAMIface defines interface methods

                                type IAMRoleRequest

                                type IAMRoleRequest struct {
                                	Name                            string
                                	PolicyName                      string
                                	Description                     string
                                	SessionDuration                 int64
                                	TrustPolicy                     string
                                	PermissionPolicy                string
                                	ManagedPermissionBoundaryPolicy string
                                	ManagedPolicies                 []string
                                	Tags                            map[string]string

                                  IAMRoleRequest struct

                                  type IAMRoleResponse

                                  type IAMRoleResponse struct {
                                  	RoleARN string
                                  	RoleID  string

                                  type STS

                                  type STS struct {
                                  	Client stsiface.STSAPI

                                  func NewSTS

                                  func NewSTS(region string) *STS

                                  func (*STS) GetAccountID

                                  func (i *STS) GetAccountID(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

                                    GetAccountID loads aws accountID from sts caller identity

                                    type STSIface

                                    type STSIface interface {
                                    	GetAccountID(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

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