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var Cnf = &Config{
	Database: DatabaseConfig{
		Type:         "postgres",
		Host:         "postgres",
		Port:         5432,
		User:         "go_oauth2_server",
		Password:     "",
		DatabaseName: "go_oauth2_server",
		MaxIdleConns: 5,
		MaxOpenConns: 5,
	Oauth: OauthConfig{
		AccessTokenLifetime:  3600,
		RefreshTokenLifetime: 1209600,
		AuthCodeLifetime:     3600,
	Session: SessionConfig{
		Secret:   "test_secret",
		Path:     "/",
		MaxAge:   86400 * 7,
		HTTPOnly: true,
	IsDevelopment: true,

Cnf ... Let's start with some sensible defaults


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type Backend

type Backend interface {
	LoadConfig() (*Config, error)
	RefreshConfig(newCnf *Config)

Backend defines a configuration backend, implement this interface to support additional backends

type Config

type Config struct {
	Database      DatabaseConfig
	Oauth         OauthConfig
	Session       SessionConfig
	IsDevelopment bool

Config stores all configuration options

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(mustLoadOnce bool, keepReloading bool, backendType string) *Config

NewConfig loads configuration from etcd and returns *Config struct It also starts a goroutine in the background to keep config up-to-date

type DatabaseConfig

type DatabaseConfig struct {
	Type         string
	Host         string
	Port         int
	User         string
	Password     string
	DatabaseName string
	MaxIdleConns int
	MaxOpenConns int

DatabaseConfig stores database connection options

type OauthConfig

type OauthConfig struct {
	AccessTokenLifetime  int
	RefreshTokenLifetime int
	AuthCodeLifetime     int

OauthConfig stores oauth service configuration options

type SessionConfig

type SessionConfig struct {
	Secret string
	Path   string
	// MaxAge=0 means no 'Max-Age' attribute specified.
	// MaxAge<0 means delete cookie now, equivalently 'Max-Age: 0'.
	// MaxAge>0 means Max-Age attribute present and given in seconds.
	MaxAge int
	// When you tag a cookie with the HttpOnly flag, it tells the browser that
	// this particular cookie should only be accessed by the server.
	// Any attempt to access the cookie from client script is strictly forbidden.
	HTTPOnly bool

SessionConfig stores session configuration for the web app

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